Indian Spiritual Jewellery For Everyone

We have made jewellery a really big part of our lives since ancient times. They were everywhere, when people wed, during festivals, when there was something auspicious happening in the family and in nearly every event that took place in our lives. And it wasn’t just beauty that jewellery was associated with. They have always brought in peace and prosperity into our lives without us even realizing it.

While jewellery in itself is a form of spirituality what with gold and silver and all other precious metals known to bring in balance and stability to our chakras, when they are carved into something that represents spirituality like a symbol of Om or a miniature carving of our gods and worn, we often feel like we’re very close to spirituality and god.

JPearls spiritual collection, where in pendants made out of gold and diamond into some spiritual symbols and small carvings of gods are not just beautiful but are sure to bring in a lot of prosperity and joy into your lives.

JPJN-6-719The Mahadeva pendant for instance is the prettiest Om symbol that you could ask for. Made of gold and with diamonds studded in the Om throughout, this pendant looks great and could also make for the perfect gift to your beloved ones.

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Is Ganesha your favourite among the gods? This Ganesha Vishwaraja Diamond pendant is the perfect pendant for you. Encircling a tiny and beautifully carved gold Ganesha are a circle of diamonds that make for a beautiful looking Ganesha who could also bring in a lot of prosperity and luck into your life.

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JPJN-6-712Sun and swastika, a combination of the two has always been considered auspicious. This beautiful gold and diamond pendant where in the swastika has been carved inside a sun makes for a great looking pendant which is also going to bring in a lot of good luck and happiness into your life.

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JPJN-6-698A symbol of awakening and meditation, lotus is one of the most auspicious flowers we’ve known. Wearing a Lotus flower in the form of a pendant, with the JPearls Haripriya Diamond pendant in which the entire lotus is made of tiny shiny little diamonds is probably the best way to entwine yourself with a rare kind of spirituality.

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JPJN-6-696Having Lord Shiva’s third eye upon us all the time would keep us away from troubles and protect us, they say. This beautiful Trilokaraksha pendant by JPearls where in there are four of Shiva’s third eyes carved on it is sure to protect you from all of life’s problems when you wear it.

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