Make a statement with silver jewellery

If there was ever a ranking for the subtlest precious stones & metals, silver would rank very high. Silver’s charm lies in how easily it sets you apart from everyone, without seeming to make a splash. It goes well in every sort of occasion and blends in perfectly with every sort of outfit.

At, we have just launched our 925 Sterling Silver Diamond collection. With pendants in the most dazzling designs, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here is a small selection of pendants from our collection:


This dazzling pendant is perfect for office wear as it is for casual wear. Pair it with a dark salwar kameez or even a business suit and you should do well. Buy it now for Rs. 3456.



This pendant has a cluster of diamonds weighing in at 0.060 carats. This is sure to shine in any amount of light, adding a sparkle to your appearance. Get it here for Rs. 3124.




This 4 pointed pendant is a wonderful gift for the discerning lady. With a 0.080 carat diamond weight, this will surely be a classy addition to every wardrobe. Get it here for Rs. 5244.

2 thoughts on “Make a statement with silver jewellery

  1. Very beautiful silver collection. I wish Jpearls All The Best and Success in the future collections too. Statement for silver jewellery: “Silver’s shine is eternal like stars on the sky. Silver enchants the everlasting glow of it’s kind on the women of the universe”. Author; Shanthala Devi B S email:

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