7 Tips To Wear Pearls

Pearls are some of the most exquisite jewels there can be worn. But how do you get the best out of their luminescent brilliance? Here are some tips to follow to light up your outfit with pearls.

1. The best way to wear pearls is to wear multiple strands. These can be a change from a regular necklace or chain and also add a chic quotient to your persona.


2. Add a statement pearl necklace which is chunky and has detailing. Few people wear something as interesting as this and you will be sure to stand apart from others.

3. Since pearls are milky white, you might want to mix them up with other additions such as beads, shells or blue-green stones. You can also pair pearls with a gold chain to add some more dazzle. This is a great way to present an evolved look.

4. Pearls make for great bracelets. Wear a layer of pearls, in 3-4 chains as a bracelet and instantly up your style quotient. You could also add a bracelet of pearls with a chunkier multicolored bracelet for added effect.


5. Pearls are the perfect hair accessory. Add them as a hair brooch or ornament. This will make any outfit you wear seem more elegant.

6. Possibly the subtlest and most stylish pearl jewellery you could own are pearl earrings. Wrap your hair up, wear a pair of pearl earrings and pair this with any kind of outfit and you will look like a movie star.


7. Pearl rings are a timeless accessory to own. Irrespective of whether they are trending or not, pearl rings are a subtle statement on their own. They go well with any outfit and will make you look ever so elegant.

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