The Pearl Museum at Hyderabad – One of its kind

Pearls of history

The City of Pearls has a little secret. Tucked into a jewellery store on the busy MG Road stretch in Secunderabad is the Pearl Museum of Hyderabad. Whether you like jewellery or would just like to learn more about the city, the Pearl Museum is a treat to visit.

The origins of pearl trade

Hyderabad was founded in 1951 by Mughal emperor Quli Qutub Shah. Ever since, Hyderabad has established a name for itself. Cultures, traditions and delicacies aside, Hyderabad is also known for its legacy in dealing pearls. Thanks to its Mughal ancestors, Hyderabad, over the time has become famous for its dealing in pearls. Hyderabadi’s made their fortunes by dealing in pearls, diamonds and other precious stone.

A history in famous jewels

Hyderabad has its own share of bloody histories over possession of famous diamonds like Hope, Regent and Orloff. For a great period of time Hyderabad was also home for the most famous diamond in the world – Kohinoor. These legendary names are only a part of Hyderabad’s historic role as a pearl & diamond training center. Several large historic marketplaces in Hyderabad have played a role in the jewellery industry for centuries and continue to. It is this legacy of jewel trading that gave Hyderabad the ‘City of Pearls’ name and have made Hyderabad such a great place to buy pearls from.

Relive the history of pearls

Now, you too can take a step through history with the Pearl Museum. Located at Secunderabad, and housed above Jagdamba pearls, the Museum gives you an insight into pearls and their historical association with Hyderabad. You will learn about much including the types and shapes of pearls and see the best quality of pearls. The best part of the Pearl Museum is that you can actually watch craftsmen at work. One of the craftsmen at the Museum will string your choice of pearls into a beautiful necklace then and there if you would like to buy one.




The Pearl Museum is an ideal place for everyone across ages. Come and relive a little of Hyderabad’s history at the Pearl Museum. We promise you that you will go back enlightened.

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