A Jhumka for every occasion

Ever since Sadhana starred in Mera Saya and danced to her heart’s content on Jhumka Gira Re, there has been an undying love and appreciation for jhumkas in the Indian society. Men, women and children, everyone started loving jhumkas and there hasn’t been a song with the word jhumka in it which has flopped. So you get the drill right? How much all of us love those dome shaped earrings? They are just so traditional!

With the progress that the Fashion industry has made so far, it would be unfair to not modify or beautify jhumkas and hence here we are, many years later with different sizes, designs, shapes and make of jhumkas. No matter what you wear, a pair of jhumkas will match your outfit perfectly and that’s why the old wives tell, when on doubt wear jhumkas.


And the best part is that jhumkas aren’t just made for weddings and huge family get together. Today we have all kinds of jhumkas for all kinds of occasion. For college we have fashion jewellery, for a small kitty party we have beautiful Victorian jhumkas, for the traditional weddings we have huge temple jhumkas and for those date nights we have sparkling diamond jhumkas. Isn’t the progress amazing? It sure is.


A little tip from our side would be, if you are wearing jhumkas then it would be a good idea to keep your neck simple and your hair tied up so that the focus will be on jhumkas. Your make up however can be dramatic and compliment the jhumkas. And if you have multiple piercings in your ear, it would be okay to remove those earrings or just wear small not so noticeable diamond studs so that your ears wouldn’t look very busy. But if you are aiming for the busy look, then you’ll surely nail it. A sleek French twist would do wonders!

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