Valentine's Day jewellery

Be it Christmas, a best friend’s birthday or even their wedding, we are always beating our brains about for present ideas. While some people are easy to buy gifts for compared to others, presenting them with jewellery can often relieve the agony of choice. Jewellery not only makes an incredibly versatile gift for all age groups, it also makes for a thoughtful one especially if it’s someone’s wedding. Seriously, who doesn’t love the idea of being gifted a jewel.

Let’s look at some of the things that one needs to keep in mind while buying jewellery for the following people:


No matter if you are buying jewellery for your Mom, girlfriend, wife or daughter, there is a staggering choice of jewellery to choose from which will cater to their specific tastes. Single bangles, a diamond bracelet are a good choice if you are on a tight budget while statement necklaces and pendants seem well suited for those who like to express individuality and uniqueness in their style. If you aren’t sure about their tastes or what to buy, you can also opt on presenting them with a gift card. Remember, it’s the thought that matters.


Buying jewellery for men is not a Herculean task because men, unlike women, are easy to please. Also, when it comes to jewellery for men, they don’t have too much of a choice. When we are buying a jewellery item for men, we wish to gift them something smart, sophisticated yet trendy at the same time. If it’s a teenager that you plan on gifting, style bracelets (not the one that Salman Khan made so famous), or wrist cuffs are a decent choice. Boys at that age are unsure of which fashion trend to follow and are most likely to experiment, so you never know if you have hit their “being-cool” quotient. Smart cuff-links and ties are perfect for those whose ideas of fashion spell class and it can also be worn on special occasions.


Choosing jewellery for children is always fun especially if it’s a girl. Jewellery inspired by their favourite TV princesses or cartoon characters is always a commemorative birthday present. Christening bracelets and rings are also a common gifting option. While boys can be gifted leather necklaces, girls would love the jingling sound of charm bracelets. Children’s jewellery can always be personalised with their initials or their birthstone, not only make the gift unique but precious too.

As long as you know who you are buying jewellery for, it needn’t be a struggle. The safest jewellery where you can’t go wrong is to gift someone with classic silver earrings or a platinum bracelet. Elegant and timeless, they make for a perfect gift.

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