The July Birthstone: Ruby

Are you a Cancerian? Does your birthday fall between 21 June-22 July? You can consider yourself lucky to have the King of the Gemstones, Ruby as your birth stone. Rubies are one of the most stunning gemstones, known for their timeless beauty. The name Ruby comes from the Latin word Ruber, which means red. Considered as the stone of love, this gemstone is said to bring success, power and zest for life. Aside from diamonds, Rubies are known to be one of the hardest of natural gems.
A Ruby can be accessorized for daily wear yet be stylish and can add great charm to your personality. Rubies are thought to bring good health and prosperity to the wearer. In the beginning, there were only four major gemstones, known as The Big Four. Ruby is one of The Big Four precious stones. The most valuable rubies have a deep blood-red color, which is due to the presence of chromium in it. The shades might vary from burgundy and pale pinks. The cut quality and carat weight determines the value of the ruby. It symbolizes life, wealth and status because of its high value. The person wearing a ruby sends a bold statement to their personality. Rubies can add a pop of color to your simple and elegant outfits. It can be embellished in necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, adding a romantic statement. Rubies are considered ideal for gifting as well.
Ruby is one of most exquisite gemstones which is breathtakingly beautiful. At Jagdamba Pearls, we have a varied collection of Ruby neckpieces to choose from. So wear your birthstone with pride!

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