Celebrate The Spirit Of Womanhood

Just one day is not enough to celebrate being a woman. Add extra sparkle to your life with these beautiful jewelry pieces from Sri Jagdamba Pearls. We’ve got just the right thing for all your beautiful shades.

Bold jewellery for the powerful women

For most of us, the day is going to look busy. But going to work just got a little more exciting. Flaunt your favorite pearl necklace and add a dash of some bold colors to it. Pearls are classy but some strong color makes them even more attractive.

black single line necklace set

Like this single-line necklace set – called Out-&-Out Black Pearl Necklace, that’s exactly what it is. Round black freshwater pearls come together to form this formidable necklace for a force to be reckoned with – you. The matching earrings complete your look. Work or play, this look works with every occasion!

Ethnic jewellery beats all other kind –

There is an indescribable beauty to a woman dressed in ethnic clothing. So turn to our finest ethnic jewelry this Women’s Day. Why? Because you can!

Colourful necklace set

Try this beautiful pearl necklace made out of white seed shaped pearls combined with multi-colored semi-precious stones, and matching earrings too! The colors complement the pearls impeccably. Whether you’re dressed in a saree or a skirt, this necklace will only elevate your look.

Get your class act on

Celebrate yourself with your best friends! And yes, we’re talking diamonds! They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so party it up with a classy outfit & an even classier piece of jewelry.

Diamond Necklace Set

This necklace is elegance personified. With its delicate & detailed design, no one will be able to tell you & class apart! On a base of yellow gold, 11.20 carat diamonds are combined to make you look super fine!

Dinner dates just got more fulfilling Party it up with your girlfriends and celebrate each other. Club night or cozy dinner plans, go twinning with your girls, get this bracelet for the whole squad!

Fashionable Stylish Pearl Bracelet

Go on, spoil yourself and your friends silly and proclaim to everyone you know that you’re a woman and proud! Happy Women’s Day!

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