Classic Pearl Looks You Can’t Go Wrong With

Pearls have long been objects of desire. Worn in jewellery since the Roman Empire to represent wealth, power and status, these radiant looking gems have been known for their rarity and value for centuries. Coco Chanel was never seen without her pearls, displaying them like a talisman day and night as earrings, a single strand or a cascade of many, matching them with her timeless outfits. Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, two of cinema’s most elegant stars, sported pearls frequently and Princess Diana adored pearl chokers. They were once associated with being dated, perhaps due to their old-worldly charm.

A younger generation is now completely at home wearing classic pearl earrings, and you’re as likely to see them in nightclubs and parties as you might at a Derby event or a wedding. We take you through seven classic pearl looks you can pull of with elan:

1. Pearly whites for the win.

When you think of pearls, you immediately picture white, round and lustrous pearls which have stayed the cult favorites since years. Take a cue from some style veterans as they teamed it up entire white ensembles to polish their look. Rihanna ditches her signature edgy look for ladylike pearls. Adding countless layers of pearls to her casual sweater dress is a smart move to keep it classic and chic at the same time. In another look, she wore a long strand pearl necklace with a crisp doctor-white dress. Another strong propagator of the pearl layer trend is style icon Sarah Jessica Parker who teamed it up cleverly with an all white lace ensemble to keep things dainty and cute.

2. Pick the odd one out.

If you’re looking for something different, consider switching up the shape of your pearls. Baroque pearls are funky and cool and can be found in all colors like perfectly round pearls. The name literally translated to ‘odd-shaped’. A way to go even more feminine and unusual is with keshi pearls. Keshi pearls have no nucleus and are made up wholly of nacre, making them known as second harvest pearls. They are smaller, unusually shaped and have a look of whimsy.


Katherine Hiegel is seen wearing a couple of large white pearls that had viewers gazing in envy which mimicked a chunky choker. Also, Emma Watson was seeing wearing a pretty baroque pearl stud earring which looked classic and modern both.

3. Keep it playful

Channel your inner child and invest in colorful pearls that mimic your playful mood. Pearls can be cultured to achieve an endless spectrum of colors. This means you can mix to your heart’s content. Michelle Obama has always had an affinity for pearls and who better to understand how you could play up with these lovely baubles. These look best on off-shoulder tops and dresses.

Michelle wore a fashion-forward necklace which was overflowing with multiple blue pearls and rhinestones. On another occasion, she went in for an all-black pearl necklace which made it instantly stylish.

4. Keep it exotic.

Exotic, luxurious and rare, a rich Tahitian pearl, necklace paints a striking picture – the gems definitely lack the demure, chaste image of their classic white counterparts. If you’re a woman who has everything, a black pearl necklace or earring, whether showcased alone in a pendant or in a perfectly matched strand, makes a great addition to your jewelry collection. Tahitian pearls come in an array of rich, dark colors.

Since these naturally stand out owing to their outstanding colors, keep things simple and go classic. Angelina Jolie is an ardent fan of these and is seen sporting a classic black pearl necklace with a matching pair of pearl stud earrings. Mary Kate Olsen was seen wearing a gorgeous pearl drop earring with an all black outfit.

So, go on and experiment with these looks. The world is after all your oyster

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