How To Care For Your Pearl Jewellery

Your pearls are precious in more ways than one and you sure do want to keep them looking as gorgeous and as beautiful as you first saw them. Good quality pearls are durable and resilient but that doesn’t take away the fact that they need adequate care to continue to look lustrous.

Here are some important tips on how to keep your pearl jewellery looking as new as ever.

  • Keep pearl jewellery away from water 

Avoid taking a shower, doing the dishes or swimming to keep the silk your pearls are strung on to from breaking.

  • Don’t keep your pearls unused for long

Yes! It’s important that you wear them often as keeping them unused may deprive them of lustre that they absorb from the oils your skin naturally secretes.

  • Use a soft cloth to clean

Make sure to wipe your pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume, excess oils or dirt before you store them away.

  • Avoid airtight packages

Never store pearls in an airtight package such as a plastic bag. Your pearls need moisture around them to keep the shine intact.

  • The Last In First Out Rule

Always use perfumes, hairsprays, and other chemical products before you wear your pearl jewellery. It should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

  • Restringing your pearl jewellery

It is considered ideal to restring your pearl jewellery once a year if you wear them often. Knotting also prevents possible damage from the pearls rubbing against each other.

  • Use compartmentalized boxes

 To avoid tangles and scratches in the jewellery, lay them separately in a compartmentalized jewellery box since pearls are delicate and are prone to damage.

  Follow the above guidelines for a long-lasting experience with your Sri Jagdamba Pearl necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more to preserve them for generations to come. Visit Sri Jagdamba Pearls to enrich your jewellery collection. 

Celebrating the spirit of womanhood


Jp_womens day_2 copy (1)

Some argue that one doesn’t need a special day just to rejoice the fact that we are women, but we’re not complaining. It’s great to feel pampered and loved sometimes and if we get one extra day receiving a lot of attention, we welcome it with open arms!

Even if you haven’t got anything special lined up for the day, there is nothing better than dressing up to the occasion. And we at Jagdamba Pearls are offering you a tempting discount of up to 25% on diamond and pearl jewellery. We’ve put together some items you should definitely consider purchasing.

  1. Bold jewellery for high-powered women 

JPDEC-15-71For most of us, the day is going to look busy. But going to work just got a little more exciting. Flaunt your favorite pearl necklace and add a dash of some bold colors to it. Pearls are classy but the color makes them even more attractive.

Like this two-line necklace set- while it is mostly pearl, there are electric blue stones at the centre. There are matching earrings that to complete your look. Wear this with a crisp black top or go crazy and mix this up with something yellow.

  1. Ethnic jewellery beats most other kinds

JDEC-0397There is nothing more beautiful than a woman dressed in ethnic clothing. If you are going out with some lady friends or just having some people over, make it a theme-based thing. Bring out your finest jewellery because you can!

Try this thick pearl necklace with a lovely jade-green pendant at the centre and matching earrings too.. This would look lovely with a grey or even an off-white saree.


  1. Get your class act on

JP-MAY-1180Planning dinner with your spouse/partner? Reserve a table at a good fine-dining restaurant and your classiest jewellery out. We’re talking diamonds! Yes, show the world that you’re very proud that you’re a lady and lucky that you have diamonds!

Wear a lime-green dress or maybe even beige and team that up with this simple and elegant diamond necklace. The intricate handwork and the classic water-drop shaped pendant are going to win you many second glances.


  1. Lunch meetings just got better

JPJN-038So, it’s Women’s Day and you have a lunch meeting with a client. You know what the say about looking fine- first impressions are lasting ones. So, make a great impression by putting on this very stunning necklace.





  1. Gifts for the lovely women you know

EF018138Sometimes, we do need a special day to tell the most inspiration women how much they’ve changed our lives. And jewellery makes for a great gift. Be it your mom, your sister, or your girl friends, tell them they’re beautiful.

A very basic gift like earrings can do the trick. Like this pair of gold and diamond earrings. They’re simple but uber versatile, much like most awesome we know.


Go on, spoil yourself and your friends silly and proclaim to everyone you know that you’re lady and proud!

The two most important factors determining a pearl’s quality

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When you want to buy the best pearls, there are two factors to look for: luster and the blemishing. Once you have decided on the shape, colour and size of the pearls you want to buy, these are the factors you need to look for. The final goal is to buy pearls with the right amount of luster with minimal blemishing. Obviously, your personal preferences play a very large role in determining the pearl you eventually buy, but you must consider these two factors.

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What is blemishing in pearls?

A very miniscule percentage of pearls will have no blemishes or spots or dents on them. These are naturally formed jewels and any imperfection on them is due to natural causes. Blemishes could be anything from varying shades of colour, to smudges or small incisions on the pearl. Normally, these imperfections are small in themselves. It is only when someone looks at them up close that the blemishes become visible. When buying pearls, try to pick pearls with the least amount of blemishing. Obviously, the clearer the pearl, the higher the price, so you need to find the right balance based on your tastes.

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What is the luster or a pearl?

Luster is the shine of a pearl. It basically means the brighter and more reflective a pearl, the better it is. In the bright lights of a jewellery store, every pearl looks bright, making your job difficult. A lustrous pearl will have a sharp reflection of the surroundings on its surface. So how do you pick the most lustrous pearl? When you would like to inspect a pearl better, ask for it to be taken out of its case, and view it in a less bright area to determine its luster. A pearl with high luster will give a crisper reflection on its surface as compared to a dull pearl. Dull pearls also tend to look chalky when taken out of their cases. A good way to compare pearls is to take pearls you own that have high luster. This way you can compare and buy the brightest pearls as per your tastes.

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Choosing the perfect pearl

If you want a pearl which is perfectly round, has no blemishes and has excellent luster, you will find it difficult for a variety of reasons including price and availability. Natural pearls with these qualities are quite expensive and the only other option is to buy imitation pearls, which is not what you want. However, if you are willing to look around and find pearls with fewer blemishes and acceptable luster, in a shape approaching round, you will have better luck. Pearls are the ultimate foil to any dress you wear. As jewels, they are unique in the sense that they accentuate the wearer and her dress more than becoming the focal point of attention. If you have a clear idea of the kind of outfits you would like to wear pearls with, you will easily be able to buy the right pearls.

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Be your own pearl jeweller

Nothing evokes classic beauty and grace like a string of pearls. While diamonds and gold offer an unmatched brilliance, pearls are the understated jewels with an enigmatic allure of their own. Pearls add a versatile intelligence to any wardrobe, going with almost any kind of outfit. Pair pearls with ethnic or Western clothes and their subtle charm pervades your entire ensemble. The women of every generation have chosen pearls to add a deeper layer of style to their outfits. From Audrey Hepburn to Rihanna, the appeal of pearls has only grown stronger.
At Sri Jagdamba Pearls, we have aimed since 1924 to bring you the highest quality of jewels. Our aim is to give you the most immersive jewellery shopping experience so that you own jewels that resonate with you. It is with this in mind, that we now allow visitors to “make their own pearl necklace”.

String your own pearls

You can now make your own pearl necklace on, the online store of Sri Jagdamba Pearls. The single strand of pearls is passe`, and multistrand pearls are far more chic. With our Pearl Necklace Designer, you can choose the length of your pearl necklace and the number of strings of pearls you want!
Our exciting range of pearl necklace designs incorporates the traditional and the contemporary. We’ve mixed our designs with other precious and semi-precious stones, giving you a larger choice. Our craftsmen add different levels of detailing to different necklaces but the results are never short of stunning.

Choose from the highest quality pearls

At JPearls, we use various types of pearls of the highest quality. You can choose necklaces studded made with pearls from our range of Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian or Freshwater Pearls. Each pearl we use is of the highest quality and purity. With every piece of jewellery we create, we aim to give our customers a creation that resonates with their very sense of being. We hope that with the opportunity to make your own pearl necklace, you make something that brings you happiness as the years go by.
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Pearl Watches

pearl watchWith time pieces becoming a status symbol, the fashion conscious masses are ensuring that their watches stand out from the crowd. JPearls has always made its priority to epitomize style and value. With this in mind, JPearls introduced their range of pearl watches exclusively for women.

A renowned name in the pearl industry, JPearls collection of pearl watches comprises of a wide range of delicately designed fine watches with a freshwater pearls interwoven wrist band and stainless steel dials in various shapes to cater to many a different tastes.

Designed and developed using years of experience, these watches add essential class to any accessory collection. It would glorify any woman’s accessory cupboard and play out to be the perfect match for any outfit, Indian or Western.


Pearl Jewelry – Making Sure You Get Quality Pearls

Buying Good & Natural pearls in very hard & difficult task for a laymen, after reading this article you will have basic knowledge about the Pearls & Pearl jewellery & they qualities, there are seven factors that determine the quality of a pearl. These seven factors are: size, shape, color luster, surface quality, nacre quality and matching. These seven features directly affect a pearl’s beauty and value.

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A pearls worth depends on how it combines the complete mix of these seven value factors such as: a larger pearl is typically more valuable than a smaller pearl. The larger the pearl, the more rare it tends to be, and the more it costs. It is important to know that fine quality pearls can be small, and low quality pearls can be large, so a pearl’s ultimate worth depends on how it combines the complete mix of value factors.

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Pearls are Built from hexagonal aragonite crystals of calcium carbonate, Pearls are formed in Clams, Oysters and Mussels, and are found in many parts of the world. They are usually white, sometimes with a creamy or pinkish tinge, but may be tinted with yellow, green, blue, brown, or black.

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Black pearls are often highly valued because of their rarity; Pearls are either natural or cultured. Natural Pearls are harvested from the ‘wild’, while Cultured Pearls are cultivated in ‘Pearl farms’. Pearls are harvested from the sea bed (Saltwater Pearls) and Inland water bodies (Freshwater Pearls)

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Akoya Pearls the Pintctada Fucata or the Akoya Oyster is found in Japan, The Akoya pearls are saltwater pearls and come from the smallest of all pearl oysters, A fully-grown Akoya oyster ranges from 8-13cms and the pearl it yields tends to be mostly white or cream with hints of pink and green, but can be seen in colors like silver, and rarely in yellow, pink or blue.

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The Akoya oyster produces more round pearls of very high luster than any other type of pearl oyster with sizes ranging typically from 2mm to 8mm.
When you think of pearls, you see a round, white and lustrous gem – an accurate description of an Akoya pearls
Akoya Pearls are Found in Japan the Oyster size varies from 8-13 Cm, Pearl size is around 2-8 mm & Luster shine is very High quality, the Color of the pearl is mostly white or Cream with hints of pink, green & silver, we also get Pearls in yellow, pink or blue but this is very rarely available, Pearl shape are Round, Oval & semi baroque

Freshwater pearls, unlike other pearl types, grow in mussels that live in freshwater ponds and rivers and are found in China, Japan, North America and Europe. The Hyriopsis Cuminigi or Triangle Shell mussel is a common source of Freshwater pearls and can yield between 30-40 pearls.

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It is believed that the first gem-quality Pearl was a Freshwater one. Freshwater naturals are not as well known as their saltwater counterparts, although comparable pearls from both sources are still similarly priced. Sometimes, the very best freshwater naturals were usually sold as saltwater pearls!

Freshwater Pearl are Found in China, Japan, North America and Europe the Oyster size varies from 5-6cm cm, Pearl size is around 4-10mm & Luster shine is Very high to low quality, the Color of the pearl is mostly White, cream, yellow, orange, pink and purple, Pearl shape are Round, oval, drop, semi baroque and baroque – primarily baroque.

Southern sea Pearls, host the world’s largest pearl yielding oyster, the Pinctada Maxima. A South Sea pearl can range from 9 – 20mm and are identified by their thick nacre or ‘mother of pearl’ (an organic mixture of Calcium carbonate and crystals) with a satiny luster and a subtle array of colors ranging from white to gold.
South Sea Pearls are Found in Australia – Indian Ocean to the tropical western pacific the Oyster size varies from 20-30cm, Pearl size is around 9-20mm & Luster shine is very high, satiny luster, the Color of the pearl is mostly Subtle array of colors ranging from white to gold, Pearl shape are Round, oval, drop, semi baroque, circle, triangle and baroque – primarily symmetrical shapes.

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Tahitian Pearls, The Pinctada Margaritifera or black-lipped oyster produces the Tahitian pearl. About twice the size of Akoya oysters, they produce pearls that range from 8-12mm. The “Tahitian pearls” are found around the islands and atolls of the French Polynesia. These pearls are seldom round; they come in a variety of shapes and a range of metallic colors – from gray to black to green, peacock-blue and aubergine.

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Tahitian Pearls are found in Baja California to Peru-Eastern Pacific, The Oyster Size varies from 20-25mm, Pearl size is around 8-12mm & Lusted shine is very high to low, the color of the pearl is mostly range of Metallic Color -From gray to black to green, peacock-blue and aubergine, pearl shape are round, oval, drop, semi baroque, circle, triangle & baroque.
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