Fit for a queen

In a time gone by, pearls were only the domain of royalty. Without a connection to nobility, there was no way you could ever hope to wear any jewellery made with pearls. Now, with pearls more widely available, the question is no longer of access but of design. At Jagdamba Pearls, we try every single day to make designs that find resonance with the emotions our customers feel when they wear jewellery. We try to create jewellery that is as memorable as it is beautiful. We want to help you own heirlooms, not jewellery. Today, we showcase one such piece.


The JPearls South Sea Drop Necklace

South Sea Pearls are the rarest and most expensive of pearls. Coming in a range of colours, they are some of the largest pearls. We’ve made this necklace using some of the highest quality South Sea pearls threaded to a 22kt gold chain weighing in at close to 14 grams. The resultant necklace is the perfect example of a classic design redone to contemporary tastes. Whether it’s ballroom gown you are wearing or your wedding sari, this necklaces brings you the promise of unique beauty.

Price: Rs. 77,000

This necklace is made upon order. Please enquire here. (link to necklace)

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