5 pearl necklaces you must own

Creating jewellery is an art in itself. And just like every other art form, experimenting and exploring the untouched realms is what creates some of the most beautiful jewellery in existence.

At JPearls.com, we love experimenting with our jewellery. Our craftsmen often weave jewellery into novel, never-seen-before designs that are simple, yet striking. The result of one such experiment is the all new and beautiful Sparsh collection – a compilation of some of our most exquisite pearl necklace sets. Meant for work-wear or party-wear, these beautiful artefacts are sure to make you feel like the princess that you are.

Here are 5 stunning exhibits from this collection:

The ‘Darling necklace’ which is a perfect blend of art and grandeur

The ‘JPearls darling necklace’ one of the artsiest necklaces of our Sparsh collection. An amalgamation of pearls, purple stones, green stones and gold plated silver, it can be flaunted at weddings and parties. One thing is for sure – it’s going to make the wearer stand out in a crowd.

Get it here:

j pearls pearl necklace

The super-chic and trendy ‘Maya Pearl Necklace’

Weaved into a very fashionable design, the Maya Pearl Necklace which is made up of pearls, gold plated silver and gorgeous green stones is perfect work-wear material. Team it up with a simple kurti to add a touch of elegance to it.

Get it here:

J Pearls gold cz pearl necklace set

The ‘Shryln Pearl Necklace’ fit for royalty

One of the most beautiful pearl necklace designs we’ve got is the Shryln Pearl Necklace. A beautiful chain of circles made out of gold, CZs and pearls embedded within them, this necklace was made to be used both as work-wear and party-wear. Its versatility is such that you can wear it with a dress or a sari and look gorgeous either way!

Get it here:

j Pearls fancy gold cz pearl necklace set

The ‘Daisy Pearl Necklace Set’ which is a beautiful work of art

Who could have thought that it was possible to make such a complicated and beautifully designed necklace out of gold?  With gold, CZs and pearls weaved into one of the most appealing designs ever, the Daisy Pearl Necklace Set is a work of art. Wear it work or a party and you’re sure to turn a few heads around.

Get it here:

J pearls fancy pearl cz gold necklace set

The ‘Valentine’s special graceful necklace set’ – a jewellery piece worth treasuring for life

This seemingly simple Valentine’s special graceful necklace set made out of blue stones and gold plated silver alloy is a piece of jewellery that you should treasure for life just because it’s that beautiful. It can be gifted or worn and it’s bound to steal hearts whatever you decide to do with it.

Get it here:

j Pearls fancy gold cz pearl necklace set 1

If staying in vogue is your thing, our swanky collection of ‘Sparsh’ pearl necklaces are what you should get your hands on right away!

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