Bring home prosperity on Akshaya Tritiya

Gold coins Lakshmi and Ganesha

There is no better day than Akshaya Tritiya to bring home jewellery. The third day of the month of Vaishaka, when the sun and moon are both at their brightest in all of the year is the most auspicious time to begin new ventures and purchase jewellery.

Translating to ‘eternal’, Akshaya is something that never ends and it is believed that gold or anything that is bought today will last forever, never running out. And hence, buying gold today is believed to bestow upon us immense good fortune. It was also believed that this jewellery that we get home with us gets such luck with it that we’ve never going to experience poverty.

Each year for Akshaya Tritiya, we at JPearls love giving away jewellery and with it loads of good fortune to our buyers. This year as well, we’ve designed some great pieces of jewellery for you to buy. Here are a few must-buy artefacts from our Akshaya Tritiya special collection…

Coins with Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh carved on them to bring you fortune:

Gold coins Lakshmi and GaneshaIf you’re looking for something symbolic to buy for this Akshaya Tritiya instead of actually jewellery, our gold-plated coins are here for you. These coins have got beautiful designs of goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh carved on them and were made to shower you with riches.

Click here to get it 



Ganesh silver coin to gift you with eternal wealth:

Silver Ganesha


If you want to get something low-key instead, this tiny Ganesh silver coin is what you should get for yourself this Akshaya Tritiya.

Click here to get it



A simple piece of jewellery is a great way to signify Akshay Tritiya:

Gold chainBring yourself a glittering array of luck this Akshaya Tritiya with a beautiful gold chain. With our large variety of chains, you have a lot to sample from. Added to this, the offer of a silver coin helps you start the celebrations of this auspicious festival straight away.

Buy it here

On this day of beginnings, a day when it is believed that Ganges started its descent onto the earth, the day when Veda Vyasa started writing the Mahabharatha and the day that Lord Krishna presented the pandavas with the Akshaya Patra, here’s hoping that buying our jewellery makes for a great beginning for all the fortune that is to come your way. Happy Akshaya Tritiya!





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