6 Modern Ways to Wear Pearl Jewelry

ladiesPopular faces like Princess Diana, Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn all topped the classy list when it came down to fashion and style. Their not-so-hidden secret being a strand of rare treasure – pearls. And how could we forget, the godmother of pearls: Coco Chanel, who made her style statement by layering pearl necklaces, one atop the other.

Time and again, we have stressed on the fact that accessories can make or break an outfit. There are tons of modern ways to wear pearl jewelry from simple to a little edgy. Ahead are some of our favorite, pearliest jewelry picks, to keep you on trend this season, all of which we think will be wardrobe classics long after this trend is over.

  1. Jeans and Pearls

You can wear pearls with jeans and it will not be considered a faux pas but a real trend. A double string of pearls can level the balance if you pair it right with skinny jeans, heels, a blouse and a cardigan. You can even incorporate pearl accessories into everyday looks, even at the office.

  1. Pearls as bracelets

Twist a long strand of pearls around your wrist and you can wear it as a gorgeous bracelet along with a watch.

  1. Long Pearl Earrings

While we adore the classic pearl tops, long pearl earrings add the extra oomph and flare out of any outfit.

  1. Knot your pearls

Depending on the length of your pearls and neckline, you can knot the pearl chain once or twice to turn it into a trendy and modern accessory.

  1. Add a pendant to your pearls

A silver enhancer or an oversized pendant, add a modern touch to your string of pearls.

  1. Mix and Match

Pearls come in different colours and for a dramatic effect, mix a set of different coloured pearls and wear them. This way you can accessorise a casual outfit.


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