Sri Jagdamba Pearls: The Most Trusted Jewellers in India

The Most Trusted Jewellers in India

Sri Jagdamba Pearls is one of the oldest jewellery retail groups in India. This jewellery outlet was founded in 1924 by Fakeerchand Motiwale, a well-known trader during the Nizam reign. The first retail outlet of Sri Jagdamba Pearls was opened in 1975 by Sri Mahender Agarwal & Ravinder Agarwal in Hyderabad. The jewellery group is highly renowned for its collection of pearl jewellery. While they specialise in pearls, Sri Jagdamba Pearls offers a wide variety of jewellery of all kind both, in-store and online.

Sri Jagdamba Pearls isn’t just one of India’s oldest jewellery brands. It is also the most progressive. The brand was the first one of its kind to become available online by launching an website. was founded way back in 1999 to let people from other cities gain easy access to Sri Jagdamba’s Pearls’ high quality jewellery designs. The website’s many features have kept customers coming back for more, leading it to become the most trusted jewellery brand across India. guarantees 30-day free return, 100% refund* on cancellation, and free shipping of certified jewellery. It promises lifetime exchange of any JPearls intact jewellery items purchased in India for current prices of materials used in the piece barring melting and recovery costs. The website provides the price breakdown as well on jewellery pieces. This 100% transparency of price breakdown ensures maximum customer satisfaction, which is the end-goal always.

Since its inception, Sri Jagdamba Pearls has put quality above all. The brand provides high quality jewellery with top notch service to make sure that all customers are happy. From being one of India’s oldest jewellery retail groups to recognizing the needs of their customers before anyone else, Sri Jagdamba Pearls has become the most trusted jewellers of India. Shop now at