How to Take Care of Pearl Jewellery?

Are you wondering how to take care of the lovely pearl set you received on your birthday?

It will undoubtedly be a memorable and timeless collection in your jewellery collection, but beautiful things like pearls need tender care.

As you may already know, pearls are the gift of the sea. They are one the most precious things you can possess, and they require care and warmth.

This article will discuss what should be done and what shouldn’t be done to take care of your pearl jewellery.

Taking Care of Your Pearl Jewelry

Taking care of your gorgeous pearl jewellery is not a very tough thing to do. Following the steps mentioned here is all you have to keep in mind.

Cleaning and Storing

●      Soft cloths for cleaning

Use a soft cloth for cleaning your pearls. Apply water, or a pearl cleaner, to the cloth to moisten it. Wipe your jewellery gently to clean.

●      Use soapy water

You can occasionally wash your pearls in soapy water.

●      Do not mix your ornaments

Pearls are much more sensitive than other jewels. So, it is also essential to keep them separate from other jewellery, especially metallic ornaments.

●      Wait before storing

Do not store your pearls immediately after cleaning them. Let them be completely dry before you store them.

●      Soft cases for storing

Storing your pearls in the right way is crucial. Store them wrapped in a piece of soft cloth, a soft pouch, or a case given by your jeweller, away from coarse or abrasive objects.

●      Best storage conditions

The conditions in which you store your pearls give them the care they need. Expose them regularly to humid conditions. You can keep a glass of water in the compartment to provide the moisture the pearls need.

Substances to Avoid

●      Spray and perfume

Things like hair spray or perfume contain substances that deteriorate the surface of pearls. When you need to re-apply them, make sure to remove your pearls.

●      Avoid rough fabrics

Interestingly, the fabric of the clothes you are wearing with your pearls can also damage them. Avoid wearing fabrics like Shetland wool if you are wearing pearls.

●      Chemical cleaners and agents

There are a few substances that are extremely harmful to pearls. Some of them are chlorine, vinegar, and ammonia. Ensure that you do not keep any of these substances anywhere near your pearls. 

Never put your original pearl jewellery in substances like powdered cleaners, detergents, dishwashers, cleaners, ammonia cleaners, baking soda, bleaches, chemical cleaners and varnishes containing bleach or ammonia, etc.

When and When Not to Wear

●      Before and after stepping out

Remember that the last things you should wear before going out are your pearl jewellery. They must also be the first thing you should take off when you return home.

This is because pearls are delicate, and you don’t want your clothes to scratch their surfaces. Just imagine wearing a dress over your real pearl necklace!

●      Do not wear them during chores

Do not wear your pearls while you do your household chores. There is a high possibility of your pearls getting damaged when you do household work with them. For instance, the detergent can corrode the surface of the pearls when you are doing the dishes with your pearl bracelet on.

●      Perspiration and pearls

Human perspiration can also damage pearls. Body oils and sweat contains natural body acids that can be unsuitable for your jewellery. Wear your pearl necklace at least half an hour after applying beauty care products that may stimulate perspiration.

A List of Don’ts for Pearl Jewellery

Here are a few things that you must never do to keep your pearl ornaments shining forever.

●      No sharp objects

Do not use harsh objects to clean delicate pearl jewellery, such as toothbrushes, scouring pads, other kinds of brushes, etc.

●      No steam and heat cleaning

Never use steam or heat cleaners for your loose pearls.

●      No acids

Do not forget to keep your pearls away from food items or drinks high in acidic contents, such as lemon, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, etc. Any kind of acid, no matter being very mild, can affect your pearls.

●      No swimming

Do not wear your pearl jewellery in swimming pools. It is obvious that you do not want to lose your beautiful belongings in the water.

●      No plastic

Do not carry your pearls in a plastic bag. Plastic bags can emit certain chemicals that may deteriorate the surface of the pearls.

●      No hot objects

Leaving your pearls where there is a source of heat is a bad idea. Never keep your pearls near the fireplace, near the iron or stove, on top of a TV set, or any appliance that turns hot with use.


Can Damaged Pearls Be Restored?

Sometimes, stained or mildly damaged can be restored to their natural glamour. The layer or platelet of a pearl is the nacre. Once a nacre is damaged or scratched, there is almost no way to bring back its original beauty. A bit of polishing or smoothing can be done; however, it will not return to its fresh state.


So these were some of our tips which you can follow to take proper care of your pearl jewellery. These tips are applicable for any kind of pearl ornaments, such as a genuine pearl necklace, pearl bangles, pearl earrings, and so on. Do give attention to the don’ts as well.

Beautiful pearl jewellery is such a wonderful thing to have. Taking care of it is simple if you obey some rules to clean and store it.

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