Best ways to show off the bling!

ImageA woman’s beaming smile is equivalent to the size of the rock on her finger because nothing gets us going like a pretty ring, a beautiful necklace or a pair of shiny, sparkly earrings. No matter how big or small, expensive or cheap, real or fake, a good piece of jewelry has a knack of lifting our spirits. Jewelry is to women as games and cars are to men. We can never have enough!

Flaunting your style

The kind of jewelry you wear highlights your personality and is extremely personal. A lot of women can’t leave the house without loading up on chunky necklaces and beads, while for others a small pendant and simple diamond studs complete the look. Some women prefer an armful of bangles or bracelets. Just make sure to have fun with it.

ImageKeep it chic

If you are going to load up on an armful of bangles, try and minimalise on the necklace and earrings. You don’t need to look like a Christmas tree.

Match it to your clothes

Just like how you would match your shoes to the rest of the outfit, you need to think about the jewelry in the same way too. A thin chain goes well with a ruffle-front blouse but not a chunky piece of necklace. Jewelry should raise the outfit a notch.

Choosing it right

Don’t buy cheap imitations. Invest in some good costume jewelry and make sure that it goes with a number of different outfits.

ImageChain it up

You can wear different necklaces with different necklines right from simple, subtle gold chains or a strand of pearls to bold, colourful beads. You can choose to wear necklaces of varied shapes and sizes which add to a festive look. You can make a statement with a wide choker or a bib and you would have to forgo other jewelry when wearing such a fetching item.


Earrings have always had an impact on your complete outfit. Whether you prefer simple studs or dangling ones, each one needs to be well considered when you are in the line of vision. Pearl, gold and diamond studs are versatile and go well with everything. Chandelier earrings are bound to make heads turn and when you wear these, you don’t need a necklace, a brooch or bangles.

Put a ring on it

It does not have to be an engagement ring for you to flaunt it. Rings make a bigger statement especially if you are using your hands to talk or move around. You can choose to stack your rings as it gives it a funky edge or adorn it on different fingers.

Brace it

Bracelets add that extra oomph and are an exciting piece of jewelry to wear. Bracelets add substance to your style. You can choose to wear bracelets of different sizes but keep it limited to one to two types. You decide to wear short sleeves or roll up long ones to display your bijoux.



Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!!

Diamond and gold earrings

14th February, universally advertised as the “day of love”, doesn’t have to translate into boring, cheesy cards or calorie-adding chocolates or even wilting flowers. And jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive or necessarily a diamond. Agreed, diamonds are a woman’s best friend but women love jewellery. Period. Here’s a list of jewellery gifts that you may want to buy her if you are planning to score a couple of brownie points: Heart shaped pendant The JPearls Lovely Earrings Set – No one can fail to be wooed by these earrings. Cute as well as elegant at the same time, these earrings can be work to casual night-outs. Price: Rs. 450 Valentine's Day jewellery The JPearls Valentine Day Combo – This combo combines two pairs of earrings and a 2 string bracelet with diamond shaped hearts attached. Price: Rs. 850 Pendant The JPearls Fairy Princess Diamond Pendatnt – A sweet diamond pendant that speaks elegance in its entirety. With 16 diamonds set in a gold pearl drop, be sure to sway her off her feet with this one. Price: 12, 975 Diamond pendant The Jpearls Everlasting Diamond Pendant – With 25 diamond pieces set in a gold chain and a pendant, let this necklace be a vow for your everlasting love. Price: Rs. 9,975 Gold and diamond ring The JPearls Cypress Finger Ring – The simple design of the Cypress Finger Ring means this ring steers clear of overly soppy sentiment. Price: Rs. 14,900 Diamond and gold earrings The JPearls Sparkling Diamond Earrings – What better way to say I love you than with a pair of beautiful .160 carat diamonds set in 2.6gms of gold earrings. Price: 18,150 Gold earrings The JPearls Love Bugs Diamond Earrings – These are cute and small and can be worn for a casual date-night or throughout the day as well. Price: Rs. 15,900 Tops The JPearls Spring Diamond Earrings – If you are doubtful about her choice in jewellery, then these smart, and classy, spring diamond studs are the perfect buy. Price: 12,600