Top Favourites Of The Year

This year has been phenomenal in ways more than one. Here’s raising a toast to some gleamingly splendid pieces of this year that makes our collection one of the most sought after.

  1. This choker paired with a contrasting coloured attire is bound to leave you looking like a princess straight out of a royal story. Chokers are a known piece of elegance known to amplify your traditional look. This year, chokers have made a comeback and looks like they’re here to stay.
  2. Epitomising the elegance and beauty of your tender ears, is this delicate pair of earrings. Not too over-the-top, yet very eye-catchy, this pair is a head-turner!
  3.  An enduring and everlasting elegant vibe that this chain brings along with it is what we aim for in crafting our jewellery. Achieve a look of a timeless diva with this  gold chain studded with emeralds and rubies.
  4. Flaunt these diamond earrings made to suit all seasons and occasions. End the year on a shining note with this beautifully crafted pair of earrings.

Pearls, gold, diamonds and more. Sri Jagdamba Pearls has the most curated collection you can ever find. To find your best pick, head to Sri Jagdamba Pearls

How To Pick The Perfect Jewellery For Work?

Most women find it hard to pick the jewellery that blends into the work environment seamlessly. Pearl and gold jewellery are the most classic way to style your look. Pearl jewellery adds a sophisticated touch to every attire. While gold is extremely flattering and suits most skin tones. Don’t worry; we got that dilemma sorted for you. Here is a guide on how to pick the right jewellery to wear to work on an everyday basis.

  1. If the mood is to dress traditional, nail the look with these beautiful diamond earrings that are sure to make heads turn and bring out the best.
  2.  Pick your favourite pieces of office wear jewellery intelligently. If you decide to ditch the necklace, style your hands with rings and bracelets that are dainty looking.
  3.   Always remember, the way you accessorise will make or break the outfit. So, if you’re feeling particularly dressy, keep the chunky and loud jewellery at bay, stick to something like this that is minimal, yet extremely sophisticated.
  4.  If versatility defines your personality best, buy office wear jewellery like this stunning set of earrings that is enough to make a statement.
  5.  Keep it classy and ace that ethnic look with a gold chain like this that will highlight the beauty of the dress. You’re sure to receive a ton of compliments with this one while avoiding an overload of detail.

You can buy the best workwear jewellery at the best rates on It’s time to shine with not just promotions and bonuses but also with some exquisite jewellery that will take your whole look a notch higher!

Top 20 Gifts for Perfect Mother’s Day

For Mothers day, we have offered 20 of our special products for the women that mean the world to us. From a variety of single, double or three line pearl necklaces, along with other options such as – bracelets, watches, earrings, bangles you can choose as many to gift them to your mother!

1.Glamour Pearl Necklace:

Gift these freshwater pearls to enhance your mother’s classy wardrobe. – Buy Now
Glamour Pearl Necklace:
2. White Single Line Pearl Necklace

Our mothers never boast about their achievements; gift your mom this pearl necklace to celebrate her untold stories.

White Single Line Pearl Necklace
3. Sizzling pearl comb set

Our complete pearl combo set can be an elegant surprise for your mother.

Sizzling pearl comb set










4. Blue stone pearl necklace

Our elegant three string pearl necklace with blue stones will compliment your indian attire perfectly.

Blue stone pearl necklace
5. Combination of triple line pearl necklace

We at Sri Jagdamba Pearls, use high quality pearls in our designs to give our customers the best.

6.Amazing pearls of two line Necklace

You will surely be appreciated for your fine style sense, by picking up jewellery that looks rich and fashionable with this fav piece of ours.

Amazing Pearls Of Two Line Necklace
7. Wonder pearl Necklace

A mother is the string that holds every family together, surprise her with this set and show your gratitude.

Wonder pearl Necklace
8.Simple Pearl Set

A simple pearl set can make any occasion memorable, don’t miss out on these high quality pearls and grab them on our website!

Simple Pearl Set
9. 2 string classic pearl set

Make a statement at work by adorning this well crafted classic piece.

2 string classic pearl set
10. 3 string ruby pearl necklace

A string of handcrafted pearls along with rubies, is bound to make a royal statement.

3 string ruby pearl necklace
11.2 string pearls and ruby necklace

Invest in a combination of pearls and rubies in this multi-stranded necklace to get a bold yet classy look.

2 string pearls and ruby necklace
12. Flower pearl earrings

This set of earrings will make your office look bolder and your party look even more happening.
Flower Pearl Earrings
13. 92.5 silver unique pink pearl studs

Pearls are for both young and old, and a vital addition to your pearl collection

92.5 silver unique pink pearl studs
14. 92.5 Silver White Flower Pearl Earrings

Make a praiseworthy purchase for your dear mother who deserves the world with these silver sterling pearls.

92.5 Silver White Flower Pearl Earrings
15.  Bunch of 3 line bracelet
For the woman we all love to the moon and back – gift your mother this bracelet to make her day.

Bunch of 3 line bracelet
16. Multicolour pearl bracelet

This bracelet combines the hues of various pearls to make an elegant yet fun piece which can be worn by all age groups.

Multicolour pearl bracelet
17. 3 line oval pearl bangles

To make your wedding attire grand, invest in these pearl bangles by #Jagdambapearls

3 line oval pearl bangles
18.Charisma Pearl Wrist Watch

Make people stop in their tracks with this elegant black beauty pearl wrist watch!

Charisma Pearl Wrist Watch
19. Brio Pearl Wrist Watch

We have combined pearls with earrings, necklaces and bangles. Now, we present watches with pearls to make your wrist look more stylish.
Brio Pearl Wrist Watch

20. Pleasant Pearl Pendant Set

A classy set of stones with an elegant pearl combination, silver alloy gold plated  pendant set for your special occasions.

Pleasant Pearl Pendant Set


Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Double Surprise!


The most romantic day of the year is upon us. Have you shopped for your special someone already? If you haven’t, then here’s encouragement for you to!

Jagdamba Pearls invites you to its V-Day Earlybird offer! Our Valentine’s Day collection now gets you Double JCash points on your purchase. That means, you get 2% cashback added to your JPearls JCash wallet which you can use to redeem as discounts on other purchases.

Our Valentine’s Day collection comes with the assurance of quality and service that Jagdamba Pearls has upheld since 1924. Here’s a sneek peek into some of our Valentine’s Day jewellery:



Circular CZ earrings: Rs. 949


Jpearls 18 Kt Gold Valentines Day Sweet Love Diamond Pendant: Rs. 31,250


Jpearls My Princess Necklace Set: Rs. 6,999

For our full collection, visit


The New Year Dress Up Extravaganza

December is here- and sooner than we thought. One can argue that it hardly feels like December what with the mercury still being high but with Christmas & New Year festivities around the corner, there’s much to look forward to. Have you started planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Is it going to be a night of frolic at the new club that’s opening or a quiet night with friends? Whatever your choice, remember a lady is always well-dressed.

Since it’s not all that cold, you can flaunt your necklines, and your arms and even tie your hair up to show off those fancy earrings. Here are some pieces we have exclusively picked out for our New Year celebration!

  1. The right kind of bling for a ‘Page 3’ party setup

TM-317You’re attending one of the most happening parties in town for New Year’s Eve. To complement your tall frame, you’ve picked out a gown with a plunging neckline. To match that deep neck and to give off a rich look, we suggest this grand diamond pendant. It comes with a unique design, and has 172 diamond pieces in it with a little bit of gold that will go great with the bottle green of the dress.


  1.  Stay subtle and turn heads at family gatherings

TM-27Some of us might be spending New Year’s Eve with family. It’s appropriate to stick to traditional stuff at family gatherings. This classic diamond pendant would suit your attire and bring out a nice glow too. It’s a very simple pendant and can be worn with these heart-shaped diamond studded earrings. They’re cute and easy to pull-off with pretty much any outfit.



  1. Shine through your kitty parties

JDEC-0302For those of you who love organizing kitty parties with your ladies this humble South Sea pearl necklace is unconventionally attractive. While it is a conventional design, the specialty of this one is the color of the pearl-grey. You can team this up with a pretty baby pink silk saree and simple grey pearl earrings.



  1. Stand out in your corporate bash

EF100054SS (1)Are you travelling for New Year’s Eve and forced to attend corporate events? Fret not! We have just the jewellery to cheer you up. If you’re in a cold place and covered from head to toe, try these ‘Angel of my Heart’ diamond earrings for the night. The size is perfect and the blue stone is just the right brightness. And if you’re a fan of rings, you can pick up this little 0.03 carat ring for yourself. It won’t attract unnecessary attention but will also make a statement.

December is a great time of the year and even if you’re attending a regular party, don’t step out without your biggest accessory, your smile!


Be your own pearl jeweller

Nothing evokes classic beauty and grace like a string of pearls. While diamonds and gold offer an unmatched brilliance, pearls are the understated jewels with an enigmatic allure of their own. Pearls add a versatile intelligence to any wardrobe, going with almost any kind of outfit. Pair pearls with ethnic or Western clothes and their subtle charm pervades your entire ensemble. The women of every generation have chosen pearls to add a deeper layer of style to their outfits. From Audrey Hepburn to Rihanna, the appeal of pearls has only grown stronger.
At Sri Jagdamba Pearls, we have aimed since 1924 to bring you the highest quality of jewels. Our aim is to give you the most immersive jewellery shopping experience so that you own jewels that resonate with you. It is with this in mind, that we now allow visitors to “make their own pearl necklace”.

String your own pearls

You can now make your own pearl necklace on, the online store of Sri Jagdamba Pearls. The single strand of pearls is passe`, and multistrand pearls are far more chic. With our Pearl Necklace Designer, you can choose the length of your pearl necklace and the number of strings of pearls you want!
Our exciting range of pearl necklace designs incorporates the traditional and the contemporary. We’ve mixed our designs with other precious and semi-precious stones, giving you a larger choice. Our craftsmen add different levels of detailing to different necklaces but the results are never short of stunning.

Choose from the highest quality pearls

At JPearls, we use various types of pearls of the highest quality. You can choose necklaces studded made with pearls from our range of Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian or Freshwater Pearls. Each pearl we use is of the highest quality and purity. With every piece of jewellery we create, we aim to give our customers a creation that resonates with their very sense of being. We hope that with the opportunity to make your own pearl necklace, you make something that brings you happiness as the years go by.
You can make your own pearl necklace at:

24 hour delivery on jewellery is here!

24 hour jewellery delivery jpearls

24 hour jewellery delivery jpearlsIf you can get food delivered within an hour, clothes delivered the next day and international parcels in 2 days, then why should jewellery take 7 days? It is to bridge this gap and make it easier for you to own your jewellery that has launched a 24 hour jewellery delivery service.

Jewellery is an emotional purchase. You buy it as a gift for someone or for yourself. The value it holds for the wearer goes far beyond the cost of precious metals. At, we understand that purchasing jewellery is a way for you to spread happiness and make someone, even yourself, feel special. You want the feeling of joy you get when you wear jewellery that perfectly suits you. It is to give you this feeling of happiness much faster that we have launched the 24 hour delivery option.

Currently, we only offer it in select cities on a wide range of products. If you see a ‘Next Day Delivery’ icon on the jewellery you are buying just check your pin code and you’ll get your jewellery the next day! Alternatively, you can follow this link and view our products:

No other online jewellery company offers 24 hour delivery. This is because most of them manufacture the jewellery only after getting the order, causing a delay in delivery., on the other hand, has a stock of jewellery that is designed and kept ready by our master craftsmen to be shipped at a moment’s notice. Our motto is to give you beautiful jewellery and a reliable experience and 24 hour delivery is one of our steps to do so.

We hope you continue your patronage of and keep inspiring us to make our services even better.

Pearl Jewelry – Making Sure You Get Quality Pearls

Buying Good & Natural pearls in very hard & difficult task for a laymen, after reading this article you will have basic knowledge about the Pearls & Pearl jewellery & they qualities, there are seven factors that determine the quality of a pearl. These seven factors are: size, shape, color luster, surface quality, nacre quality and matching. These seven features directly affect a pearl’s beauty and value.

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A pearls worth depends on how it combines the complete mix of these seven value factors such as: a larger pearl is typically more valuable than a smaller pearl. The larger the pearl, the more rare it tends to be, and the more it costs. It is important to know that fine quality pearls can be small, and low quality pearls can be large, so a pearl’s ultimate worth depends on how it combines the complete mix of value factors.

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Pearls are Built from hexagonal aragonite crystals of calcium carbonate, Pearls are formed in Clams, Oysters and Mussels, and are found in many parts of the world. They are usually white, sometimes with a creamy or pinkish tinge, but may be tinted with yellow, green, blue, brown, or black.

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Black pearls are often highly valued because of their rarity; Pearls are either natural or cultured. Natural Pearls are harvested from the ‘wild’, while Cultured Pearls are cultivated in ‘Pearl farms’. Pearls are harvested from the sea bed (Saltwater Pearls) and Inland water bodies (Freshwater Pearls)

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Akoya Pearls the Pintctada Fucata or the Akoya Oyster is found in Japan, The Akoya pearls are saltwater pearls and come from the smallest of all pearl oysters, A fully-grown Akoya oyster ranges from 8-13cms and the pearl it yields tends to be mostly white or cream with hints of pink and green, but can be seen in colors like silver, and rarely in yellow, pink or blue.

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The Akoya oyster produces more round pearls of very high luster than any other type of pearl oyster with sizes ranging typically from 2mm to 8mm.
When you think of pearls, you see a round, white and lustrous gem – an accurate description of an Akoya pearls
Akoya Pearls are Found in Japan the Oyster size varies from 8-13 Cm, Pearl size is around 2-8 mm & Luster shine is very High quality, the Color of the pearl is mostly white or Cream with hints of pink, green & silver, we also get Pearls in yellow, pink or blue but this is very rarely available, Pearl shape are Round, Oval & semi baroque

Freshwater pearls, unlike other pearl types, grow in mussels that live in freshwater ponds and rivers and are found in China, Japan, North America and Europe. The Hyriopsis Cuminigi or Triangle Shell mussel is a common source of Freshwater pearls and can yield between 30-40 pearls.

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It is believed that the first gem-quality Pearl was a Freshwater one. Freshwater naturals are not as well known as their saltwater counterparts, although comparable pearls from both sources are still similarly priced. Sometimes, the very best freshwater naturals were usually sold as saltwater pearls!

Freshwater Pearl are Found in China, Japan, North America and Europe the Oyster size varies from 5-6cm cm, Pearl size is around 4-10mm & Luster shine is Very high to low quality, the Color of the pearl is mostly White, cream, yellow, orange, pink and purple, Pearl shape are Round, oval, drop, semi baroque and baroque – primarily baroque.

Southern sea Pearls, host the world’s largest pearl yielding oyster, the Pinctada Maxima. A South Sea pearl can range from 9 – 20mm and are identified by their thick nacre or ‘mother of pearl’ (an organic mixture of Calcium carbonate and crystals) with a satiny luster and a subtle array of colors ranging from white to gold.
South Sea Pearls are Found in Australia – Indian Ocean to the tropical western pacific the Oyster size varies from 20-30cm, Pearl size is around 9-20mm & Luster shine is very high, satiny luster, the Color of the pearl is mostly Subtle array of colors ranging from white to gold, Pearl shape are Round, oval, drop, semi baroque, circle, triangle and baroque – primarily symmetrical shapes.

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Tahitian Pearls, The Pinctada Margaritifera or black-lipped oyster produces the Tahitian pearl. About twice the size of Akoya oysters, they produce pearls that range from 8-12mm. The “Tahitian pearls” are found around the islands and atolls of the French Polynesia. These pearls are seldom round; they come in a variety of shapes and a range of metallic colors – from gray to black to green, peacock-blue and aubergine.

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Tahitian Pearls are found in Baja California to Peru-Eastern Pacific, The Oyster Size varies from 20-25mm, Pearl size is around 8-12mm & Lusted shine is very high to low, the color of the pearl is mostly range of Metallic Color -From gray to black to green, peacock-blue and aubergine, pearl shape are round, oval, drop, semi baroque, circle, triangle & baroque.
If you want more details about Pearls & Designer Jewellery please visit our company website is, India.