The ultimate work wear styling guide: Jewelry Edition

If there were awards for the most tedious yet exciting daily chore that is not so easy, then it would probably be the “getting ready” part of the day. We sure can agree that the whole process is a little harder for women and a little more for working women.

While we all desire to look our best, sometimes we hardly have enough time to check ourselves in the mirror before we leave.

Often it is hard to find the right accessories, especially for work. Most of the styling is incomplete without jewelry, as it enhances the overall appearance.

Check out some styling and accessorizing ideas curated just for you.

Keep those wrists covered

Wrists are the thinnest part of our body that can be ornamented. Women are very expressive, especially with the wrists and hands and they are also known as the ‘expressive zone’ of their body. Cover those delicate wrists with an elegant bracelet or a watch that compliments your outfit. Choose accessories that are slender.

Try avoiding anything huge and chunky at work as it might be quite noticeable.

Keep it simple and modest with a single lined pearl bracelet or a multi-layered watch that goes well with most outfits.

Consider your earrings carefully

Anyone speaking to you can see your earrings in their line of sight. Moreover, it makes your face and hair stand out. Wear earrings that go well with your outfit, face, hair and skin tone.

Pearl Earrings or studs are a perfect go-to option for both work and simple occasions. Add instant glamour to your outfit with some dainty pearl earrings to enhance your whole look.

Consider your neckline to fit the necklace

Did you know?

A thumb rule says that the necklace should either be shorter than the neckline or it should be long enough to sit above your outfit.

Simple chains with elegant pendants, preferably pearls as they go with most styles, can be a great option. You can play around with different sizes, colors and shapes of pearls with different lengths of chains.

Pearls always add a glam touch to your attire while also being work appropriate.

Every woman is likely to have several jewelry boxes stuffed full of pieces she has passionately acquired throughout the years. However, each time you open your box of magic, you are equally as puzzled as you are delighted by it. While every item of jewelry is exquisite, they all appear to either match your clothing or none of them do.

So, next time you accessorize your outfit ,try the pearl game.

If you are looking for affordable work wear pearl jewelry, then make sure you check out Sri Jagdamba Pearls, a trusted brand for almost a century now that gives lifetime guarantee on all pearl jewelry.

Happy shopping & styling.


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