Top Favourites Of The Year

This year has been phenomenal in ways more than one. Here’s raising a toast to some gleamingly splendid pieces of this year that makes our collection one of the most sought after.

  1. This choker paired with a contrasting coloured attire is bound to leave you looking like a princess straight out of a royal story. Chokers are a known piece of elegance known to amplify your traditional look. This year, chokers have made a comeback and looks like they’re here to stay.
  2. Epitomising the elegance and beauty of your tender ears, is this delicate pair of earrings. Not too over-the-top, yet very eye-catchy, this pair is a head-turner!
  3.  An enduring and everlasting elegant vibe that this chain brings along with it is what we aim for in crafting our jewellery. Achieve a look of a timeless diva with this  gold chain studded with emeralds and rubies.
  4. Flaunt these diamond earrings made to suit all seasons and occasions. End the year on a shining note with this beautifully crafted pair of earrings.

Pearls, gold, diamonds and more. Sri Jagdamba Pearls has the most curated collection you can ever find. To find your best pick, head to Sri Jagdamba Pearls

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