Natural Pearls VS Cultured Pearls:

Pearls are one of the most loved gemstones in the world. But many people consider cultured pearls as fake pearls. Let’s break this myth here! Natural pearls and cultural pearls are both real pearls made by oysters and mussels. So you might be wondering what is the difference between them? The main difference between a natural and a cultured pearl is the way it is formed.  A natural pearl is organically formed without any human assistance where as a cultured pearl is created by a farmer under controlled conditions. Now you know why natural pearls are more expensive than cultured pearls, it’s because of the rarity. But not all natural pearls are worth more than cultured pearls, the value of a pearl is decided on factors like the shape, size, color, lustre and the quality of the pearl.

Formation of Pearls: A natural pearl is grown organically whereas a cultured pearl has a pearl formation process, as an irritant is implanted inside the mollusk and grown in a controlled environment to create a pearl.

Cost of Pearls: A natural pearl is very rare and due to this the prices are exorbitant whereas a cultured pearl is less costly in comparison to a natural pearl. The rarity of natural pearls makes it valuable.

Quality of Pearls: The quality of a cultured pearl is as good as a natural pearl, as a cultured pearl is formed under controlled environmental conditions and human assistance.

Pearls are a smart investment, and now that we know that cultured pearls are as good as natural pearls buy the perfect strand of cultured pearls only at Sri Jagdamba Pearls.

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