5 Wonderful Gifts You Can Give Your Man This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day brings with it an opportunity to appreciate the special person in your life. People may take their loved ones out for a romantic, candle light dinner, go on a trip to the beach,  take them to the movies, but nothing equals the gift of jewellery. Here are a few pieces you can give to the special man in your life to win his appreciation.

gift for a man than a ring

What better gift for a man than a ring? This simple yet elegant silver ring features a large diamond embedded into the centre and makes for the perfect gift for your loved one. Order this ring here.

white diamond finger ring

Another option is the 18Kt Gold Fairy White Diamond Finger Ring. It is a lovely golden ring with diamonds embedded into the centre. Get your hands on this ring here

cufflinks set - Gift for him

Here are some classy looking cufflinks made with silver alloy that your partner will really like. These cufflinks have a golden horse embossed in the centre and make for a very stylish addition to any formal outfit. Check out the Cufflink Set here.

pair of cufflinks - Gift for Him at jpearls

With golden pattern around the edge and the anchor lined with gold in the centre, there is no doubt that your man will love this pair of cufflinks. Order this set online here.

Cufflink combo set - gift for him

Two gifts are always better than one. This Valentine’s Day, get your partner this lovely cufflink-pen combo from Sri Jagdamba Pearls. A combination of elegance and style, we’re sure your partner will definitely love this gift. Order this combo here.

Feel free to browse through Sri Jagdamba Pearls’ collection of Valentine’s Jewellery here and make your choice today!

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