5 Engagement Rings We’re Sure Your Significant Other Will LOVE!

Gold & Diamond ring at jpearls

The engagement ring you pick for your significant other says a lot about both of you. It talks about how much you know the person you are in love with, and how much you value them. It’s not just a ring, it’s a symbol of who they are and the relationship you’ve built with them. This is why picking an engagement ring can be an uphill task.

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But, no worries – because we are here! We have a wide selection of rings, showcasing various stones, set in various metals. Diamond, gold, silver, emeralds, rubies, we have it all. Here are 5 of our most popular engagement rings:

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  • The stunning princess gold ring: This gorgeous ring is made for a princess – as the name suggests. Set in 22kt gold, this floral ring is delicate, beautiful and very feminine.

The stunning princess gold ring

  • A ruby ring: The fiery ruby set in the middle of a simple sterling silver band is representative of your partners fiery personality. This ring is for someone who stands out in the crowd, for someone who is passionate and confident. If that is how your partner is, this ring is a perfect fit.

ruby ring at jpearls

  • Diamond and gold ring: This classic engagement ring is a beautiful medley of diamond and gold. It’s perfect for someone who holds tradition close to their heart. Purchase this ring for your significant other today.

Diamond Finger Ring

  • Diamond and white gold: White gold is slowly gaining popularity. This ring is perfect for someone who is rooted in tradition but has stilled moved with time. Get your hands on this stunning and unique diamond and gold engagement ring – we’re sure your partner will love it!

Diamond and white gold ring

  • Amethyst and diamond ring: If you’re looking for something that is like no other – you’ve come to the right place. This gorgeous purple stone is surrounded by diamonds and is set in sterling silver. Shop here!

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