How To Pick Your Perfect Pearls

How To Pick Your Perfect Pearls

For over two thousand years, pearls have been used across the world to create stunning pieces of jewellery. It is not only a historical ornament but also one that is considered highly valuable even today. In case you were wondering how to pick the best pearl accessories for yourself, here’s a look at some of the best tips!

Get started by figuring out which type of pearl you like best. For example, fresh water pearls come in several shapes and colours. Akoya pearls on the other hand, are found in Japan and are symmetrical in shape. Tahitian and South Sea pearls also offer a different variety although they are very expensive.


Pearls come in several shapes such as teardrop, oval, round shape, “potato” (irregular) etc. Round ones tend to be more expensive than the rest. A lot of people opt for round pearls, but the other shapes lend a refreshing style to any outfit too. Make sure to consider all your options before you pick a set.


Although white is the first colour that comes to mind when one thinks of pearls, the truth is that they are available in many colours. Black and green pearls are stunning, but expensive due to their rarity. Other popular colours include pink/ peach, lavender, gold and even blue. White pearls also appear in a range of shades such as cream, ivory, silver, etc.


Pick a style which suits your personality, age, or the occasion you are about to attend. You could go for something grand and elegant if you want if it’s a special occasion, but for daily or semi-formal wear, you might as well stick to small and subtle pearl jewellery pieces.

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