How To Spot A Fake Pearl!

How To Spot A Fake Pearl!

Often, we tend to look at a pearl set and fall in love at a glance,because the pearls just look so pretty. Little do we know that the set could actually be fake. In this post, we will help you distinguish between a real and fake pearl and also tell you how to get the best real pearls for yourself!

  1. Check For The Luster

The luster on a pearl is what makes it stand out and look beautiful. A quality pearl should be bright, and lustrous. If you take a close look at it, you should be able to see your own reflection on it. If that really happens, the piece of jewellery is not fake.

  1. An Overtone

Pearls that are good in quality will have a subtle colour which is easily visible on the outer surface when the light hits them. Fake pearls don’t generally have this effect, as it’s slightly tricky to recreate. Therefore, if the pearls you’ve picked out seemunevenlyshaded, it’s better to avoid them.

  1. Look For Imperfections

While one might think the best pearl is the one which is perfectly round, real pearls are not always perfect. In fact, they are rarely perfect, and that itself is the beauty of a pearl – each one is uniquely flawed. Real pearls which are totally round are very rare, and a necklace will hardly ever be made entirely using these pearls. A necklace is generally made if they all have the same approximate size and appearance but if all the pearls are perfect, then chances are that the pearls are fake. So be mindful!

  1. Rub The Pearls On Your Front Teeth

Hold the pearl between your forefingers and thumb and press it into the edge of your teeth. Rub it in a side to side motion and if you see tiny imperfections, the pearl is real. Fake pearls tend to be super smooth even after this test.

  1. Check The Weight

Bounce two pearls in your hand to see how much the weight is. Real pearls are heavier than they look. Fakes on the other hand, feel very light. You can also use weigh scales to verify the weight of the pearls.

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