5 Reasons Why A 100% Cashback Offer Is The Best Deal Ever

If you’re a seasoned shopper, you’ve probably scanned the internet for all the happening deals around you this festive season –free prizes, blockbuster discounts, lightning deals and the list goes on. You’ve probably also heard of the Cashback Offer’.

If you have purchased a few products under the ‘Cashback Offer’, you already know how awesome it is and we’re sure you would agree with us on why it is the best deal ever.

For those of you who have never tried it out, here are 10 reasons why you should –

  • 100% Value – A 100% cashback means whatever money you spend, you get exactly the same in return. For ex: You buy a product worth 15,000, you will get a voucher worth 15,000 that can be redeemed later. Isn’t that just awesome?
  • Better than ‘1+1 Free’ – When you choose a ‘1+1 free’ offer, in most cases, the free product you get is of a lower price. Whereas, in a 100% cashback offer, the free product you redeem can be of the same price as the product you initially purchased. So it’s even better!
  • Freedom of choice –You can choose from a wide range of products including Diamond Jewellery, Designer Gold Chains, Precious Stone Jewellery, Gemstone Necklaces & Pearls Jewellery.
  • Shop using a single click – The 100% cashback offer is applicable on our website, so you don’t have to visit our stores in person. Sit back, relax, browse through our collection and buy your favourite products using a single click.
  • It’s the festive season, after all! – Dhanteras and Diwali are the best occasions to buy gold and jewellery. Buying gold is believed to bring good luck and prosperity as it is during this time that Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, had emerged from the ocean of milk. So when you have the opportunity to receive 100% cashback, why resist it?

For more details on the 100% cashback offer and how to redeem it, please click here.

Happy Shopping and a Happy Diwali!

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