Celebrate This Dussehra With The Divine Mother Jagadamba

The Sharad Navratris are a beautiful time of the nature, when nature is resplendent in all her feminine glory. Dussehra falls on the tenth day of the Sharad Navratris in the auspicious month of Ashvin. Sharad means autumn. These Navratris are beautiful because they are celebrated after the monsoon, when everything is green all around, rivers and lakes are filled and birds come out to chirp again. The day of victory, Vijaya Dashami, is when Goddess Durga defeated the evil demon Mahishasur.

Naturally, this day of victory is worthy of celebration and to help you with that, we at Jagadamba Pearls, we are delighted to offer the exclusive festive range of creative options for you to choose from. We are named with the blessings of the mother of the universe, as Jagadamba Pearls. On this auspicious occasion of Dussehra, we are pleased to serve the devotees of the Goddess Durga with our offerings and discounts.

You can browse through our Dussehra collection here :JP DEC-12-1263F

or take a look at the exclusive gold and silver coin collection here.


The Navratris are a time for celebrating the divine feminine in the nine different forms of the Jagadamba, the mother of the universe. They are actually a way of recognising and acknowledging the various aspects of the mother, as she plays out the cosmic play for all of us to be engaged in. The least we can do is to be good players in Her show. Since it is Her show, we as devotees should do our best to make it look good.

Here, at Jagadamba Pearls, we are happy to help you choose auspicious jewellery for all the celebrations -whether they be poojas at your home or a public setting. You can also choose from our various gifting options, hampers and thalis to make this Dussehra more special to you and your loved ones.

All of us at Jagadamba Pearls wish you a very auspicious Dussehra and pray that the mother of the universe bless you and your family with health, wealth and prosperity.

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