Top 10 awesome choices for this Father’s Day gift

  1. Gold chain: All these years, he was busy collecting gold and ornaments for his children forgetting to stock up his own love for the golden color. Take charge and gift him gold chain imprinted with the first letter of his name.
  2. Belt: You can’t ignore that he has been a strong pillar all your life that you can depend upon. Whether accomplishments or fall he has been there standing tall. Go for the belt this Father’s day – the right way to tell that no matter what’s the size you will be there to hold him tight.
  3. Cologne: Give him that one perfect vibe that reminds you of him every time. Smell that will spark up his personality and the spirits at the same time.
  4. Watch: No matter how many watches he owns a classic gold chain watch never goes out of fashion when it comes to Dad.
  5. Jeans: Be the man behind your father’s fashion. Gift him a latest pair of jeans to keep him uptight with the changing times.
  6. Tie pin and cufflinks: Make a difference adding pearl or the bling-bling charm to it.
  7. Thai Spa: Take him to spa. Rejuvenate his stressed out senses. Tell him, it’s okay to take a day off.
  8. Cook for him: You might not be a great cook. It’s the effort that counts. Barbeque chicken with him and remind him of the old times.
  9. Go for a movie together: Spending time is more precious than any other materialistic options. Movie is just another tactic to bring back the smile.
  10. Write him a letter: Dear Dad… let him know what you love about him the most. He knows it well but it’s always good to read with the magic of words. A silver pen from Jpearls will only help it phrase well. Happy Father’s Day

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