Piercing just got easier

Nose & ear piercings are almost a rite of passage for Indian women. This is a tradition so ingrained in Indian culture that often it is cause for celebration in Indian families. At Jagdamba Pearls, we too get several queries by patrons wishing to have their child’s or their own ears or nose pierced. We’re happy to announce that piercing services for men, women and children are now available at our stores on MG Road, Secunderabad.

A nose piercing is the ultimate accessory you need when it comes to keeping it elegant yet minimal. A fuss free jewel that lights the look of your entire face. And an ear piercing compliments your attire and completes your look without any efforts.A nose and ear piercing is seen with a lot of apprehension by women, but is loved by several too. From men to little children, you will find a small sparkle on all these days.

Piercing is a critical process and needs to be done by professionals to avoid any damage on the skin. At Sri Jagdamba Pearls, we have taken special care to provide a hygienic environment that makes your experience worthwhile. We have professional ear and nose piercing using the gun technology which is very hygienic and less painful. We take special care that our equipment are well sanitised and clean for usage. When you walk into our store, you will find a variety of nose and ear rings that will tempt you into getting a piercing done. We have a minimal range starting at RS.99/-  but the services are of rich and high quality.

So if you want to shine and sparkle from the crowd, then head to our store to get your piercing done.

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