Celebrating Fathers

Father's Day banner

Superhero to the sons and the True love of the daughters. A  man that holds all the strings together and creates a world that cherishes the various phases of life together. This person running solo in this multi dimensional life is our father.

As father’s day is approaching we thought it would be nice you give some ideas on how to celebrate the day with your father.

  1. Cook a meal

The way to a father’s heart is through his stomach that’s an old saying but an evergreen one for sure. So this June get your cooking lessons running and cook your father a meal that he will not forget for a long time. Make a list of his favourites and create a menu that will suit the entire family’s needs.

  1. Gift him something

Gifting something to the man that has provided you everything you ever wanted can be challenging. But the gift needs to be just as precious the bond is between you and your father. So this time gift your father something that he will be thrilled to own, maybe a gadget, a perfume set of even something out of the box from jagdamba Pearls.

  1. DIY

From the time we first held the pencil to the time we got awards, our fathers have always been happy about all our achievements. This time around, create something for him using your creativity and personalisation. We are sure he will like to receive something that you made just to bring a smile on his face.

So show your father how much you love him because his love for you is undying and unconditional.

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