The Jagdamba Pearls Summer Sale


If someone said money can’t buy happiness they were wrong, Jagdamba pearls brings to you a happy offer that you just can’t miss. We offer a flat 50% on our entire range of pearl and stone jewellery this summer.

Nobody ever said how much is too much that’s why the sale extends from pearls to diamonds to gemstones. Read on to know more

Our History:

Jagdamba Pearls is a pioneering jewellery store with a legacy going back to 1924. Our aim has always been to serve our customers the best jewellery at the best prices. With this offer, we give customers the chance to buy contemporary designs at an amazing price.


JPSEP-15-28With this sale, the world is the oyster and you are the pearl. Feel no shame in splurging into our exclusive pearls collection. Diamonds and semi precious stones work in perfect harmony with our pearls. A beautiful set, an earring or a pendant, you will find pearls in all forms and types at our stores.  For starters, look at this beautiful set designed to adorn that favourite saree of yours in the most minimalist way possible.





jpjan-16-022-CVG2The most precious thing can be an ordinary stone they say, but at Jagdamba we are defined by our grandeur designs of gemstones that bring in the colour to the ordinary life. Be it a Gomed or a cat’s eye stone we give you exclusivity at its best. Like we say, Make a bolder statement with our gemstones collection.


So get your game on and visit our stores now. And hey, let yourself not feel guilty, It’s worth it we promise.


How to use this offer:

This offer is valid at our stores in Secunderabad and Hi-tech City. In case you need transport, we can have you picked up and dropped at your doorstep. To know more, call us on +91 720 720 0042.

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