Why 2016 is a good year for jewellery lovers

Are you somebody who always spends her free time shopping for jewellery? 2016 might well be your year. Some new trends have caught our attention and they’re picking up fast! Be it precious stones, or pieces of jewellery on your clothes, it’s all going to be very exciting for the ‘jewellery lover’.

  1. Precious Stones are back!

JDEC-0348This year is all about creating magic through colors. Say all your thanks to gem-stone cutters and jewellers. We’re talking about mixing different colored stones in one single piece so that it reflects the multiple colors beautifully.

Like this stunning necklace which is made of south sea pearl and a group of other stones like ruby, emerald and sapphire. It is nothing short of magical!


  1. Pendant Penchant

JNOV-0250If you are doubtful about wearing an entire necklace with colors, you could choose something smaller, like a pendant. You could string it along a gold necklace to make it more conventional. Just to be experimental, choose a pendant that stands out because of its colors. This tiger claw shaped pendant is not just uniquely shaped but is studded with little ruby and emerald studs. It’s bold!


  1. Size matters

JSEP-0126CSuper long earrings are the latest fad. The longer it is, the trendier it is. Feather designs, intricate handwork, and simple metal finishes, they’re all ruling the roost right now. Team them up with deep cut tops, dresses and you have a winner.

Try these pearl earrings with ruby studs in them. These aren’t too long but they are bright and cute. You can wear these with a nice Anarkali suit or even an Indian gown.


  1. Fantastic Bracelets

JPOCT-14-093It’s also the year of opulent bracelets. Different splashes of colors and gigantic rocks are definitely making news this year. It’s all about adorning your wrist with big and bold bracelets.

We have here, a black bow shaped bracelet with a fine diamond butterfly in the center. The combination of black and gold is classic and the shape of the butterfly is big enough to catch attention. You can wear this with black, red or even off-white.

  1. Wristbands are cool

JPOCT-14-090If you want to get more ostentatious, try a completely stone-studded bracelet. Make sure that they are of different colors and glint marvelously.

This unique bracelet is studded with topaz and ruby and is gold plated. The shape is breathtaking and it is glamorous and colorful.

  1. Necklaces turn maang tikaas

NE-2This trend is catching up too fast and we cannot thank enough. It’s super simple, yet super stylish. You can completely transform the look of an Indian outfit with this cool trick. Just pick up a necklace and instead of wearing it around your neck, simply wear it like a crown style maang tikaa.

You could try this gold plated, flower style necklace. The even design make it look simple and not too out of place. Wear with this, a lovely lehenga or even a saree in dark colors.


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