7 Versatile Pieces of Jewellery That Will Go With Anything


2016 is here and its time for you to ride the trends of the year. Some smart shopping can help us fulfil our desire to look good and also own timeless pieces of jewellery. We bring to you some stuff that can go with any outfit that you wear- ethnic or modern.

  1. Pearl Necklace Set with CZ

SJ-1012This is a perennial combination. It gives off a rich look but isn’t so heavy on the pocket and it also goes well with pretty much anything- be it a simple kurta or a cute low cut top.

Our pick is this gorgeous red CZ stone pearl necklace. It looks graceful and not too opulent either.



  1. Rose Gold

PF014690Add a touch of elegance to your collection by picking rose gold accessories. If you’ve never been fond of the yellow tinge that gold possesses but still like the metal, then rose gold is an excellent alternative. Not only that, it is cheaper in some cases too.

You can try this cute, ampersand shaped pendant in rose gold with diamond studs in it. It’s simple, yet different enough to turn heads.


  1. South Sea Pearl

JNOV-0197Pearls can never go wrong. They can completely transform your simple black top and make it look super regal. Investing in pearls hence, is a good decision.

Add some opulence to your wardrobe, and try this yellow pearl necklace with Victorian balls. It’s gorgeous and can be an everlasting piece.



  1. Cute rings

RF009273If you like rings, then you’ve got a lot of options in the market. From diamond to gold to pearl, they’re unlimited.

This adorable, butterfly ring is not too flashy but also sets a statement of its own. Adorn your fingers with this, or you could try something with different colored stones like this one.



  1. Stone Earrings

JPSEP-14-363These are beautiful and super bold. Pick a color which is girly and bright and you’re going to shine your way through Saturday nights and Sangeet evenings just as well.

Like this pair of ruby stone earrings with gold encasings. The ruby is such a brilliant color and the gold on the edges gives off the right glint.



  1. Diamond Bracelet

jpaug-073Bracelets are such a fun accessory. They can add some glamour to a bare wrist. And if you pick the right one, you can play around with different clothes to match them too. Like this diamond bracelet, which is not only fashionable but also utilitarian.




  1. Diamond Earrings

EF0125739A girl’s collection is incomplete and so not happening without diamond earrings. They shine and make you shine too. Always be on the lookout for diamonds and they’re not always expensive. Something like these gold and diamond earrings, plain old studs but they’re a classic.

Keep replenishing your wardrobe biennially with stuff that can stick around for long and you’ll have yourself a formidable collection of the most beautiful jewellery!

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