The New Year Dress Up Extravaganza

December is here- and sooner than we thought. One can argue that it hardly feels like December what with the mercury still being high but with Christmas & New Year festivities around the corner, there’s much to look forward to. Have you started planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Is it going to be a night of frolic at the new club that’s opening or a quiet night with friends? Whatever your choice, remember a lady is always well-dressed.

Since it’s not all that cold, you can flaunt your necklines, and your arms and even tie your hair up to show off those fancy earrings. Here are some pieces we have exclusively picked out for our New Year celebration!

  1. The right kind of bling for a ‘Page 3’ party setup

TM-317You’re attending one of the most happening parties in town for New Year’s Eve. To complement your tall frame, you’ve picked out a gown with a plunging neckline. To match that deep neck and to give off a rich look, we suggest this grand diamond pendant. It comes with a unique design, and has 172 diamond pieces in it with a little bit of gold that will go great with the bottle green of the dress.


  1.  Stay subtle and turn heads at family gatherings

TM-27Some of us might be spending New Year’s Eve with family. It’s appropriate to stick to traditional stuff at family gatherings. This classic diamond pendant would suit your attire and bring out a nice glow too. It’s a very simple pendant and can be worn with these heart-shaped diamond studded earrings. They’re cute and easy to pull-off with pretty much any outfit.



  1. Shine through your kitty parties

JDEC-0302For those of you who love organizing kitty parties with your ladies this humble South Sea pearl necklace is unconventionally attractive. While it is a conventional design, the specialty of this one is the color of the pearl-grey. You can team this up with a pretty baby pink silk saree and simple grey pearl earrings.



  1. Stand out in your corporate bash

EF100054SS (1)Are you travelling for New Year’s Eve and forced to attend corporate events? Fret not! We have just the jewellery to cheer you up. If you’re in a cold place and covered from head to toe, try these ‘Angel of my Heart’ diamond earrings for the night. The size is perfect and the blue stone is just the right brightness. And if you’re a fan of rings, you can pick up this little 0.03 carat ring for yourself. It won’t attract unnecessary attention but will also make a statement.

December is a great time of the year and even if you’re attending a regular party, don’t step out without your biggest accessory, your smile!


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