5 women in your life who totally deserve a Christmas gift

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Christmas is just around the corner which means gifting season is here! The old and the young alike are picking and choosing a special something for their loved ones and taking good care to ensure that they’re good value for money. When you have a long list of people to send gifts to, time becomes a major constraint. Though it is officially the ‘holiday season’, we aren’t that lucky to have an entire month off from work. This is when jewellery comes to your rescue! Read how.

Special Gift for Mom

Moms are the best. They pamper us like nobody else can, and their affection tends to increase when you live away from them. For all those times that your mom helped you, she deserves the best gift. Make best use of this shopping season and the discounts that are now available on jewellery too. Gift your mom this stunning diamond pendant that she will show off proudly. It’s classy and has some gold to go with her Indian outfits.

 For the pesky little sister

Siblings are often the first friends we make and they’re the only people who have the prerogative to tease you. But, they’re the first ones to protect us from the outside world. Your little sister may already be coaxing you into buying her gifts but this occasion calls for something extraordinary, like this butterfly shaped diamond ring with white gold.

For your maid

Gifts don’t just have to be reserved for your family and friends. You can also choose this time to tell your maid how thankful you are for her services. Again, this is completely your choice. If it’s somebody who has been with your family for long then a gift is worth it. It’s the gesture that matters the most and you could gift her a pair of silver anklets. Simple, yet kind enough for her to feel great.

Work friends need some love

Most of us spend a lot of time at work and have some awesome friends there. Show them some love and buy them something that they can wear to work too. These white button pearl earrings exude charm and simplicity. The CZ and semi-precious that are lined around the pearls shine right through.

For your best friend

Friends are like family to some of us. They tell us off when we’re wrong and cheer us up when we’re down. There is no better time than this to show them how much they mean to you, especially if your friend is a girl. Girls are caring and always lend a listening ear to your woes. The next time, before you sit her down to rant, gift her these cute diamond earrings which come with silver metal.


There is no greater joy than the joy of giving. Your special ladies are going to be elated to see their gifts and flaunt them for as long as they can.

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