6 Wonder Pieces That Will See Your Work wardrobe Straight

Work wear and pearls – ah, they’re a match made in sartorial heaven. The classic indian workspace needs something elegant and classy – not OTT and mismatched. But only a few of us make an effort to see what fits us – what jewels we own that we can wear everyday. And work wardrobes are often seen as weary and dreary – not worth making an effort. But really, light travels faster than sound and that means, you need to amp up your style game to look good before you open your mouth in the boardroom. You need power accessories that really make an impression. Ones that will make our wardrobe sparkle and meet the demands of everyday life! So we put together 6 amazingly unique jewellery pieces that will really set your work wardrobe straight for the next few months with classic pieces in tow.

1. Twisted Rice Pearl Watch

The fact that rice pearls are used as part of the watch is great because these are small and elegant and give an air of sophistication. The watch can go with a great pant suit or an interesting kurti too – just make sure you keep the rest of your look to a bare minimum, pearl studs only.


 pearl watch

2. Multi-colour Pearl Studs

The fact remains that we need earrings that make a statement but at the same time, they are not intrusive to your entire look. They’re perfect for the corporate types who want to look like they made an effort without going OTT. And for that pearl studs are most appropriate and they make any outfit shine. Choose between black, rose and white and change them every day according to your clothes.


 pearl studs

3. Glamour Pearl Set  

Every girl needs a classic two-strand necklace that is layered on beautifully on her LBD. This time, opt for pink oval-shaped ones that accentuate your best features, your long neck and your beautiful collar bones. The pink pearl is a unique idea – it adds a bit of colour but doesn’t take away from the elegance of it all.


 pearl set

4. Designer Three-String Pearl Bracelet

Grey pearls are another unique idea – change those hues and make your boring corporate clothes sing. The three-stringed grey pearl bracelet is so intimate and classy – it can make for a great accessory that goes from the office to the party zone. It can be worn with ease on a white shirt as well as a party dress – you just need to change those shoes!


 pearl bracelet

5. Ruby and South Sea Pearl Chain

For women who like their pearls to shout out aloud, we have a beautiful ruby adorned south sea pearl chain that can add glamour to elegance in a jiffy. The fact is a bit of colour never hurt anyone and that means, this chain has the ability to make you look like a million bucks with absolutely no effort. Rubies are a great way to start off a work day – they acn pep up a boring day at work too!


 pearl set

6. South Sea Pearls Gold Chain

If your wardrobe is entirely western but you want to add a bit of Indian into your look – opt for a pearl chain that comes with a bit of diamond or jadau extensions. And that does not mean, you need to only wear Indian – the elegant traditional neckpiece will still go on a great dress and suit – keep all your options open!


pearl chain

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