Work & Play: 5 Pearl Designs That Will Go From Boardroom to the Bar

If there’s one good reason why pearls really work – it’s the fact they can be moulded to make anything you wear, elegant and classy. As far as jewellery is concerned, Pearls really suit every body type, every taste and every kind of wardrobe – that’s the beauty of them, really. And that’s why we pick them on days we have a double date with work and play. Yes, you have a busy monday – doing your presentations and finishing up that last report and then you have to head to meet your potential date at a party or an event. That’s when pearls have your back. They work beautifully with your shift dress at work and when you change into your party top, they’re there to add all the charm to it. We put together 5 designs that will fit both your work and evening wardrobe with ease. Just a dab a bit of lipstick, change into your high heels and head from work to play.

 1.Pearls Funky-shaped Necklace

The fact that white pearls settle down playfully with silver in three tiers to give you added charm is noteworthy. The good thing about such a neckpiece is the fact that it’s a statement piece and two, it can work on indian wear and western wear. Plus, the grandeur of it all makes it a plausible candidate for an evening out – an event or a party.




2. Latika Button Pearl Watch

Pearl watches are a unique idea – it’s so new that we are still trying to get acquainted with it. But what you need to know is the fact that they can really make any outfit look super classy. A cross between a bracelet and a cuff, these beautiful pearl watches will make you stand out in a crowd because of their intricate craftsmanship and heritage.




3. Leafy Earrings

Just like necklaces, earrings too need to be bold and big these days. Which means that we are trying so hard to pick one that won’t go OTT on our clothes and at the same time, look gorgeous. Pick an earring that is dangly and high profile like this pretty leaf one – made with oval pearls and gold coating, this one makes every work dress of yours look smart and your party clothes, sexy!




4. Emerald & South Sea Pearl Gold Chain

This one’s a clear winner on those days you’re feeling a bit blue and down. Workdays have their ups and downs and you do need a real cheer-me-up. What do you do? You wear the Emerald & South Sea Pearl Gold Chain which promises to bring in some real class to your wardrobe on a dull day. We love the green on the necklace which adds glamour to the necklace and we also think it adds a bit of chutzpah to your partylook.




5. Meghan Black Pearl Set

This one is for those women who like to keep it trendy yet exquisite. There is great charm in wearing black pearls – they’re so glamorous and unique and at the same time, they can add a bit of depth to your everyday outfit. Wear them in tiers and the effect is truly admirable – so make sure your day and night are looking as intense as possible with these black pearls.



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