Investing in Pearls in today’s world

Gold chain

A diamond pendant wouldn’t look so good if it wasn’t for the string of pearls that it was attached to. Looking at those sparkling diamonds, we often tend to forget that even pearls are equally gorgeous and exquisite. In fact, real pearls are so rare and precious that their value is the same as diamonds or other precious stones. Just because we refer to them as moti, doesn’t mean they are any less or aren’t beautiful.

The best thing one can do, other than investing in Gold is invest in pearls. Pearls are something that can be passed onto generations and will never lose their value or their charm for that matter. As old as they get, their beauty and worth intensifies. If you were to pass on gold to the next generation, the design would be tagged as ‘old’ and not traditional. But pearls on the other hand will always be traditional and if they ever do get old, you can always re modify them as they are stringed on nothing but a thread.

Princess Diana’s pearls have now been passed onto Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and she wears them with such style and grace. A piece of jewellery that was often spotted on Princess Diana was a flower shaped choker held together with pearls on either sides. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall now wears the pearls solitarily and the pendant as a brooch. Looks lovely!

It isn’t very difficult to invest in pearls because they are lovely. However, it is very easy to get conned into spending a lot of money and buying artificial pearls. We might want to buy pearls but how do we know that they are real and worth what we are paying for? Because a lot of johari’s tend to sell not so exquisite pearls for exuberant amount of money and since most of us aren’t aware of how to check their quality, we easily get fooled. Here are some tips that will help you check the quality of pearls before you buy them.

The easiest thing you can do to check if the pearl is real or not is to take a pearl, be sure to clean it and rub it against your teeth. If the pearl is real, you will feel it hard and gritty and if it is artificial, then you can feel the smoothness. And then there you’ll be sure if the pearls are worth it or not. There are few other tests that can conclude the authenticity of pearls but the tooth test is the quickest and the easiest.

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