Brighten up Christmas with our special jewellery

Our year long wait for Christmas ends and the ‘season of joy’ as they call it, is finally here. All the things we’ve always loved about Christmas are here for us to relish. The beautiful decorations filling up the streets, the food, the family gatherings and our favourite part – the gifts. As much as we love piling up all the gifts that our friends and family give us, we also love gifting them..perhaps more than receiving.

And with that comes the biggest problem, what should we gift them that will make their day special for them? If that’s what you’re pondering over, JPearls can help you. Here in JPearls, we’ve got the most fascinating collection of Christmas jewellery. We’d like to be a part in making your day special and hence have decided that we’d make your shopping experience easier by giving some of our most beautiful Christmas jewellery away for 25% lesser.

Here are five irresistible pieces of ours from the Christmas collection..

JPearls Spirit of Judgement


jp 1

This beautiful cross made of white gold makes for a really great gift. It isn’t just beautiful with tiny diamonds embedded in it but can also bring luck and divinity into the lives of people who you gift it to.

Get it here for Rs 11,400

JPearls Spirit of Glory diamond pendant

jp 2

The next best thing to a cross for a pendant is a star. Just like it has been named, this diamond studded star is sure to make for one ‘glorious’and ‘stellar’ gift.

 Get it here for Rs.9190

JPearls designer necklace


 If pearl set is what you plan on gifting to that special woman of your life for this Christmas, JPearls has a beautiful collection of pearl necklaces. This designer necklace which has been crafted into a very alluring array of pearl strands can make any woman stand out. And this is one of the best among our vast collection.

Get it here for Rs.6999

JPearls Stella Pearl Necklace

jp 4

Yet another gorgeous pearl necklace from our collection is the JPearls Stella Pearl Necklace. It isn’t just made up of pearls but is embedded with rubies and emeralds as well, to make it look all the more opulent. It could make a great gift to any woman, especially if rubies or emeralds are their birth stones.

Get it here for Rs.5999

JPearls dazzling pendant set

jp 5

Among our Christmas collection are some beautifully designed pendant sets made of silver alloy,coated with gold. TheJPearls dazzling pendant set, made up of floral and drop designs is one really exquisite work of art and makes for a great gift.

Get it here for Rs.850

Let JPearls’ Christmas jewellery brighten up your festive season. Happy Christmas!

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