The two most important factors determining a pearl’s quality

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When you want to buy the best pearls, there are two factors to look for: luster and the blemishing. Once you have decided on the shape, colour and size of the pearls you want to buy, these are the factors you need to look for. The final goal is to buy pearls with the right amount of luster with minimal blemishing. Obviously, your personal preferences play a very large role in determining the pearl you eventually buy, but you must consider these two factors.

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What is blemishing in pearls?

A very miniscule percentage of pearls will have no blemishes or spots or dents on them. These are naturally formed jewels and any imperfection on them is due to natural causes. Blemishes could be anything from varying shades of colour, to smudges or small incisions on the pearl. Normally, these imperfections are small in themselves. It is only when someone looks at them up close that the blemishes become visible. When buying pearls, try to pick pearls with the least amount of blemishing. Obviously, the clearer the pearl, the higher the price, so you need to find the right balance based on your tastes.

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What is the luster or a pearl?

Luster is the shine of a pearl. It basically means the brighter and more reflective a pearl, the better it is. In the bright lights of a jewellery store, every pearl looks bright, making your job difficult. A lustrous pearl will have a sharp reflection of the surroundings on its surface. So how do you pick the most lustrous pearl? When you would like to inspect a pearl better, ask for it to be taken out of its case, and view it in a less bright area to determine its luster. A pearl with high luster will give a crisper reflection on its surface as compared to a dull pearl. Dull pearls also tend to look chalky when taken out of their cases. A good way to compare pearls is to take pearls you own that have high luster. This way you can compare and buy the brightest pearls as per your tastes.

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Choosing the perfect pearl

If you want a pearl which is perfectly round, has no blemishes and has excellent luster, you will find it difficult for a variety of reasons including price and availability. Natural pearls with these qualities are quite expensive and the only other option is to buy imitation pearls, which is not what you want. However, if you are willing to look around and find pearls with fewer blemishes and acceptable luster, in a shape approaching round, you will have better luck. Pearls are the ultimate foil to any dress you wear. As jewels, they are unique in the sense that they accentuate the wearer and her dress more than becoming the focal point of attention. If you have a clear idea of the kind of outfits you would like to wear pearls with, you will easily be able to buy the right pearls.

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