How to pick Tahitian pearls

Found only in the South Pacific, the Tahitian pearl is a lustrous pearl that comes in enchanting dark shades that make it appear black to the naked eye. Their beauty and exclusivity makes them among the most sought after jewels in the whole world.

How are Tahitian pearls formed

Tahitian pearls are produced by a black-lipped oyster in the warm waters of the Pacific. Each pearl has unique characteristics and no two Tahitian pearls are alike. This distinctiveness increases the wonder evoked by Tahitian pearls as even a full necklace of these will consist of pearls that are gorgeous and totally unique.

Tahitian pearls

The size & shape of Tahitian pearls

Tahitian pearls can often be as big as 13mm in size. Their size depends on the time spent in the maturation process, which also contributes to their shape and luster. Tahitian pearls come in a range of shapes such as round, off-round and drop shaped. Needless to say, the most sought after are the roundest Tahitian pearls.

The Luster of and colours of Tahitian Pearls

Black Tahitian pearls are very differently lustrous when compared to white pearls. The luster of Tahitian pearls can range from a soft brightness to a silky black shine. Each Tahitian pearl is different in luster and when set with other Tahitian pearls in a chain, necklace or bracelet, creates a gloriously unique spectacle.

While Tahitian pearls in general appear black, each has a different texture and coloration. There are dark greens and grays that mingle with each other to form a rich, deep, darkness. Sometimes, these pearls come in light tones of green, red and even white, though these are not as common.

What to look for when buying Tahitian pearls?

Choosing the best Tahitian pearl for you is a two step process. The first is to see how lustrous the pearl is. You can gauge this by seeing the quality of light that is reflected of the pearl. The sharper the light is reflected, the better the luster. Choosing a lustrous pearl also ensures you buy a pearl with thick nacre. The nacre is the surface coating of the pearl and the thicker it is, the longer the pearl will retain its distinctive shine and beauty.

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