How to pick South Sea Pearls

Pearl earrings

South Sea Pearls are the most precious among pearls. Their large size and limited availability makes them highly sought after. The richness and sheer luxuriousness of colour displayed by South Sea Pearls is unmatchable and makes them a delight to own and wear.

South Sea Pearl earrings

How are South Sea Pearls formed?

South Sea Pearls are cultured in a special type of oyster that takes anywhere from 2-4 years to yield pearls. These oysters do not thrive in any other location outside their native Australian, Indonesian and Philippine waters and are very susceptible to stress and disease. Due to these limiting factors, South Sea Pearls are rare and exceedingly valuable. They have a distinct, thick outer shell (nacre)

South Sea Pearls shapes and sizes

South Sea Pearls are the largest of pearls. They range from 8-20mm with 12-14mm being the average size. These pearls come in a variety of shapes and are rarely perfectly round. That said, South Sea Pearls in drop shapes or non-round shapes are still exquisitely beautiful and used by jewellery designers in a variety of sets & jewellery pieces. While round South Sea Pearls command a place and price of their own, non-round South Sea Pearls make brilliant fusion pieces when set with other jewels.

The most precious are White South Sea pearls. These are the rarest kind and their dazzle and rich colour makes them the most precious pearls.

What colours do South Sea Pearls come in?

South Sea Pearls come in white, silver, bluish, cream, champagne and deep gold colours. The natural colours and luster of each pearl is so rich and complete that South Sea Pearls are only washed and buffed to bring out their natural glow.

How do you pick South Sea Pearls

Due to their intrinsic beauty, the factors to choose South Sea Pearls are different from other pearls. Where we would look at luster and blemishing for Freshwater or Akoya pearls, for South Sea Pearls, we focus on size and roundness alone for South Sea Pearls. Placed next to any other pearl, even the least shapely South Sea Pearl exhibits an iridescence and glow unmatched by any other type of pearls. When you decide to buy South Sea Pearls, understand the kind of occasions you would want to wear them. A string of round South Sea Pearls is as valuable as it is versatile, whereas South Sea Pearl necklaces and chains are gracious complements to any woman.

Irrespective of how you choose to wear them, you will never go wrong with South Sea pearls.

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