Wear your birthstone with gold chains!

Gold chain with precious stones

Birthstones are known to change fortunes, but if not just for that, they can also be worn for how unbelievably beautiful they are! Because what else could a jewellery-lover ask for, than a stone that looks as beautiful as the luck that it bestows upon its wearer?

And also because there could be nothing more resplendant than a ruby, more elegant than an emerald and nothing that is more splendid than a sapphire.

The best way to wear a birth stone as has been believed since the ancient times is combine it with gold as gold is known to bring out the best qualities of these stones along with adding its own additional sparkle to them.

It is into rings that the birth stones are usually worn as, but we at JPearls have made this experiment of combining gold chains with these birthstones. And these chains that were thus made of pearls, rubies and sapphires and more such stones looked beautiful as a result, were so simple that they can be worn every day and so versatile that they can be worn with just about any outfit.

Ruby gold chain

This beautiful Ruby gold chain for instance, is one of the prettiest gold chains that you could find, and then, it is made of the birth stone for many, the ruby. Click here to get it.


Emerald gold chain


Another one of our most beautiful gold chains is this emerald gold chain, which has emeralds arranged in a nice pattern.  Click here to get it.




Ruby, emerald and pearl gold chain


The best one yet has got to be the Lenient gold chain, a chain that rubies, emeralds and pearls and is woven into a really fine design. You can get it here. 




Gold chain with precious stones



But if you believe that having all stones together can make for the most beautiful chain while also bringing loads of luck into your life, this one, the Navratan chain beats everything else that we’ve made. You can get it here.


If you’re looking for the perfect gold chain for yourself or for a gift, JPearls gold chains with birthstones could be the one that you’re looking for, as nothing else can possibly be this breathtakingly beautiful while also bringing in this much luck into your life..!

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