Pearl and Diamond Rakhis for Your Brother

What can we say about how special Rakhi has always been for us? All the festivity, all the love that fills the air, all the gifts and all the sweets make it one of the most awaited festivals we’ve had. But if there’s one moment that makes the whole day memorable and special, that would be the moment when we tie rakhi, that moment when you fill all of your love into a small piece of thread and hope that it will make your beloved brother’s life as special as you want it to be.

Wouldn’t it then be a lot more special if the Rakhi wasn’t a mere piece of thread but was made with something as precious and auspicious as the festival itself? And that’s why, Jpearls has decided to launch rakhis with things that we’ve considered precious for ages now, with pearls and then diamonds!


Pearl Rakhi

What could be more auspicious, adorable and lovelier than a Pearl Rakhi? To use the shiny and tiny little balls to signify the speciality of Rakhi is something that would definitely make the day a lot more special. And it isn’t just that, did you know that Pearls have a calming effect and that they were believed since ancient times to protect the wearer and bring him good luck? Maybe that’s why people have always loved Pearl Rakhis.


Diamond Rakhi

Diamonds have always been described as special, rare and unbreakable, just like the bond between a brother and sister. If that isn’t reason enough to gift a diamond rakhi to your brother this year, the fact that diamonds have got healing properties should be. Diamonds are known to heal, both physically and mentally and in addition, also balance the energies in your chakras. If the ‘king of crystals’ has been worn in wedding rings, necklaces and crowns since times immemorial, it should definitely be the one thing that Rakhis should be made of.

JPearls is without doubt the best place that you should choose to get your Pearl or Diamond Rakhi from, for they’re known to never compromise on the quality and have traditionally been using high quality pearls and diamonds. So this year make your Rakhi festival a lot more special and memorable by choosing JPearls special collection of Pearl and Diamond Rakhis.

You can get our Rakhis at

You can also message us on WhatsApp at 09246808022 to get them!

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