Kundan Jewellery – A Royal Comeback

It was during K Asif’s Mughal-E-Azam that kundan jewellery made an entry into Bollywood and also into the hearts of millions of common people. Now you’d ask, what’s so common about these people. Well to say the least, kundan jewellery prior to the release of Mughal-E-Azam only belonged to royalty. Common man had the luxury of gold and he was happy with it. Exquisite designs, pearls, rubies and other gorgeous ornaments were reserved for the royals.

Post Mughal-E-Azam, a refreshing amount of people went with kundan jewellery and aren’t we glad for it? It is such a nice change from the plain old gold (don’t get me wrong, the right design of gold necklace will make you feel like Cleopatra, but it’s just repetitive). Even then, these exquisite items were then reserved for the elite society. It was something traditional and passed on from one generation to another. Brides were dressed in beautiful pieces and they then retained them for the rest of their lives.

Fast forward to modern day. To the release of Jodha Akbar to be very precise. It was then when Tanishq generously sponsored jewellery for the entire cast, even the minions of Jodha Akbar and life hasn’t been the same for anyone after that. Once again, the viewer’s went crazy. Only this time, it was became every girls dream to look like Aishwarya on her wedding day. And thanks to Tanishq and some imitation jewellery, that dream was turned into reality.


As if that wasn’t encouragement enough, Sonam Kapoor waltz in to Bollywood. In her initial days, she stuck to traditional clothes like anarkalis and always completed her look by teaming up her gorgeous couture outfits with beautiful kundan pieces. Only later it was revealed that all these were designed by her mommy, Sunita Kapoor and she was merely modelling them. Whatever it was, it struck a chord with the aam janta.


Now, kundan jewellery has made such a big comeback that a beautiful choker looks lovely on a cocktail dress and if you are into high street fashion, you can often spot models wearing kundan earrings on bandage dresses and let me tell you this, they look gorgeous!


The best thing about kundan jewellery is, you can play around with the many designs. If you aren’t into heavy sets, you can always go with huge earrings and a bare neck. Classic updo, smokey eyes and chand balis will make you look gorgeous and yet sophisticated at the same time. On the other hand, if you are into heavy sets, then braiding your hair would be a good option because then the focus would be on your jewellery. A huge ring with designer bangles is also a valid option if you want the focus to be on your red lips!

Whatever look you are into, kundan should be your go to jewellery!

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