24 hour delivery on jewellery is here!

24 hour jewellery delivery jpearls

24 hour jewellery delivery jpearlsIf you can get food delivered within an hour, clothes delivered the next day and international parcels in 2 days, then why should jewellery take 7 days? It is to bridge this gap and make it easier for you to own your jewellery that jpearls.com has launched a 24 hour jewellery delivery service.

Jewellery is an emotional purchase. You buy it as a gift for someone or for yourself. The value it holds for the wearer goes far beyond the cost of precious metals. At jpearls.com, we understand that purchasing jewellery is a way for you to spread happiness and make someone, even yourself, feel special. You want the feeling of joy you get when you wear jewellery that perfectly suits you. It is to give you this feeling of happiness much faster that we have launched the 24 hour delivery option.

Currently, we only offer it in select cities on a wide range of products. If you see a ‘Next Day Delivery’ icon on the jewellery you are buying just check your pin code and you’ll get your jewellery the next day! Alternatively, you can follow this link and view our products: http://www.jpearls.com/pages/24-Hours-Delivery/pgid-586560.aspx

No other online jewellery company offers 24 hour delivery. This is because most of them manufacture the jewellery only after getting the order, causing a delay in delivery. Jpearls.com, on the other hand, has a stock of jewellery that is designed and kept ready by our master craftsmen to be shipped at a moment’s notice. Our motto is to give you beautiful jewellery and a reliable experience and 24 hour delivery is one of our steps to do so.

We hope you continue your patronage of jpearls.com and keep inspiring us to make our services even better.

14 years of gratitude!!



A gift goes a long way in telling someone how much they mean to you. And when that gift is jewellery, this emotion multiplies. Jewelry, that perfect mix of precious stones, gems and craftsmanship, is a representation of how you value yourself or the person you are gifting. At jpearls.com, we have always aimed to create jewelry that makes the wearer feel special. This year, we turn 14 and, as the number of people who shop with us grows, we are filled with gratitude.
Since the year 2000, we have been in the business of gifting people happiness. Every time someone purchases our jewelry, we know that our creations are being used to spread happiness. It is this impact we have in the lives of people that leads us to create ever more beautiful designs. Our collections have grown to incorporate styles from across India while maintaining the extremely high quality standards we have set for ourselves.
Jpearls.com is part of Sri jagdamba Pearls, a 90 year old business which is the face of Hyderabadi pearls. Our history and pedigree make us the most sought out jeweler by patrons who want to purchase only the highest quality of jewelry. Starting out humbly, we count among our customers everyone from royalty to working women making a mark in the world.
As we get into our 15th year, we promise you a lot more exciting news from Jpearls.com. We’ve got new collections coming up soon and ongoing offers and discounts which you can check out on our website. We hope that over the coming years, we exceed every expectation you have of us.
Yours with eternal gratitude,