Top 8 romantic heart pendants for her!

Want to melt her heart? Well, there is nothing like gifting her with your heart in gold and a diamond..or two or maybe more. Considered to be the universal symbol of love, a diamond heart is synonymous with love and affection. Here are JPearls’ top 12 pendants that convey the sentiment of “I give my heart to you” beautifully.

  1. heart pendantHeart Diamond Pendant – Diamond heart pendants are available in a variety of styles and in several types of metals apart from gold. With several diamonds outlining the heart pendant, this pendant is extremely stylish and since it is embedded in gold, it catches our eye instantly.
  1. dualDual Heart Diamond Pendant – This dual heart diamond pendant showcases two colours of shiny, valuable gold which combines to give this beautiful filigree design. Approximately, 0.25 carats of diamonds are featured in white gold and the other in gold.
  1. strikingStriking Heart Diamond Pendant – This design is classic and is perfect for someone who prefers simplicity over flashy. With 199 diamonds embedded in this 18KT white gold pendant, this is a perfect gift!
  1. endlessEndless Love Diamond Pendant – Extremely elegant in its simplicity and symmetry, this Endless Love Diamond Pendant features a simple heart outlined in nearly a full carat of diamonds. The symbolism of the open heart formed by diamonds speaks endlessly about the love the giver has for the recipient.
    PRODUCT ID  : PH014247F
  1. heart in heartHeart in Heart Diamond Pendant – Have a heart to heart with this Heart in Heart .100 carat diamond necklace in 18KT white gold and gold. This necklace has one gold heart and one interlocking diamond heart. The Heart-in-Heart Diamond Pendant also gets you a pair of free Pearl Pendant and Earrings!
    PRODUCT ID  : PH017446F
  1. loveIt’s Love Diamond Pendant – The diamonds in this pendant stand out even though they aren’t large stones but there are enough small diamonds encrusted to make a show. It’s combined with coloured gemstones and is laced with a diamond heart outside and a hanging half circle on top.
    PRODUCT ID  : PH072347
  1. myloveMy Love Diamond Pendant – Consider this heart pendant necklace from JPearls. An open heart, this piece of jewelry made in 18KT white gold has 17 diamond pieces neatly aligned on the rim of the heart. This pendant is bound to look good with any outfit!
    PRODUCT ID  : PH072736
  1. loveyouLove you Diamond Pendant – This diamond and white gold heart pendant dangles ever so sweetly on a simple chain. This feminine, filigreed pendant is filled with pure love and tells the world that the wearer is beloved.
    PRODUCT ID PH073155F


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