How to buy a black diamond?

Black Diamonds have become THE diamonds to purchase now because of the increase in its publicity. A decade ago, jewelers and collectors had little interest in this black, sparkle mystery. But as time went by, the price of a black diamond rose and is now sold at a price equivalent to a white diamond. The following are some of the points you need to keep in mind when investing in this black beauty.JPearls black diamond earrings

1. Read – Before buying black diamonds, learn what they are. Black diamonds are crystallized carbon and the colour black occurs due to dark inclusions or due to changes in a white diamond due to high temperatures or radiation.

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2. Features – It is essential to know the kind of features that you are looking for. A good cut, a smooth surface and a rich color is the pride of black diamonds. A black diamond has simple cut (16 facets). Even if treated, a black diamond is very much a real diamond.

3. Be aware – Most of the black diamonds sold in the market today are not real. They are treated stones or simply dark brown or very dark green diamonds.

4. Compare – See the different types of black diamonds that are listed on the internet and compare their prices from different websites. If you are purchasing it online, make sure to buy it from a reliable source.

5. Thorough checking – In a fiber optic light, the edges of a black diamond will appear to have dark brown edges.

6. Combine with white diamonds – A solitaire black diamond when combined with white ones in a piece of jewelry becomes poetic and enhances the beauty of both the diamonds.

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