How to dress up for a night out?

pic6It’s always a huge affair when you are dressing up to cocktail receptions, charity galas, premieres and other huge events. They elicit excitement of anticipation, yet somehow lack the oomph quotient when it comes to fashion. Here are a few pointers on how to look trendy and classy when you are dressing for big night out.


You do not need to carry travel suitcase style purses to evening events. The rule to follow when it comes to handbags is – the dressier the event, the smaller the handbag should be. Always carry a clutch to such events as they come in dozens of iterations. You place the clutch under your upper left arm with a cocktail in your left hand. This leaves your right hand free for greetings.


Don a pair of fashion hosiery like shimmering, sparkling stockings. These are flirty yet add glam and pizzazz to a basic black, cocktail dress.


If you are heading out for a big evening out, do not cover yourself up in that dreaded pashmina of yours. If your intention is to repel male attention, then please go ahead. A sexy, more fashionable alternative is to play it safe with either a dress or skirt with a matching jacket, or even a novelty item like a metallic gauze stole or an embellished cardigan, or even a plain one in metallic wool, cotton and silk.


The little black dress is the core to evening attires but each time you wear it, glam it up a little differently. There are always, however, other options too. A pencil skirt paired with an exuberant white top or a fitted bustier with a voluminous skirt. There are limitless options. So take a chance and just dress up differently!

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