Women when setting up their jewellery boxes often wonder as to what key pieces they need to fill it up. For each of them, their answer is different. You do not have to fill up those treasure chests with all kinds of jewellery. Jewellery is meant to be worn so make sure to keep it simple, stunning and precious. Don’t store jewels that you have no intention of wearing. So, here are the 10 pearl must-haves:

  1. PEARL RINGS – Rings are more of a personal choice. You can wear a huge pearl or several small ones that are encrusted in the ring.
  2. BRACELETS – Charm bracelets with a bunch of pearls and charms strung together always look fun.
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  3. Wear pink and white pearls with gold links. Pearl bracelets should be one size bigger than your wrist. They should not sit too tight on your wrist.
  4. EARRINGS – Pearl studs are a must-have in any jewellery box. They are the perfect accessory to match any corporate outfit. Wear pearl studs depending on the size of your face.
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  5. Pearl hoops are always attractive. Three-inch hoops to curvaceous huggies, hoops match the rhythmic bounce in your step.
  6. Earrings with a pearl hanging always add to a delicate touch to your overall appearance.
  7. Long drops which are no shorter than 2 inches long look pretty.
  8. Chandeliers can be worn at special functions like weddings. Wear your hair in a bun to show them off.
  9. PENDANTS – A variety of pendants are the foundation of your necklace collection. A string of layered pearls are always handy but wear them with a suitable neckline.
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  10. A single gemstone when paired with a 16’’ pearl necklace, not only makes you look stunning but goes well with a lot of outfits too.
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